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When we first moved to Arkansas, we lived in an apartment complex for a month. When my mother found an opening in Otter Creek, she took the chance. I love living here, because I am able to just walk to my friends' houses without being in danger.
Otter creek can be better l, when I was younger there was a lot more to do, I played basket ball outside, went swimming with my friends and road bikes all the time. It has change a lot since then but not for the better.
Little Rock does have a high crime rate. Despite this it is safe when you know where to go, and there is no general fear of crime.
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I see a lot of great possible changes in the future here. I am not sure if I would live here in the future based on the track of my life, but I am not closed off to the possibility of it. This area is great for anyone who enjoys quiet areas that are close to everything they might need.
Can have traffic issues during rush hour to work, from work.
Lots of stuff to get, from local spots to national chain.
Can be a bit variable, but it is nice.
it's decent enough if you are a college student or first time renter.
it's all mediocre but sometimes it does concern me just a tad because I never had a problem but I feel as if it will happen.
Mostly everyone is gentle and genuine in their own way and are very interactive when it comes to helping someone.
Well being in Arkansas is the least I can say, because the weather is terribly bipolar in it's on way. During the Fall season it is moderately warm and a few showers here and there then it changes to hotter in 24 hours of the next day. During Winter it is just terrible because when the temperatures drop it's more than likely going below freezing and alongside with freezing rain it creates black ice on the road making it hard to get to work or school during the conditions(which last for a week or 2) then start up again. During Spring there are more thunderstorms than you can count along with tornadoes that spot up at random. Finally, during the Summer it is extremely hot.
The food and drink options are generally fast food but there is only 3 restaurants that consider dining, for instance this Chinese restaurant has the best fried rice in the area with spices that give it an authentic Asian taste.
The employment rate is very linear in which you have to be consistent in order to get the job secured by a couple phone calls or applying.
The stores are generally decent when you need to get something on the go or quickly, because everything is conveniently close. You have a Local Grocery Store in which you have all your needs for food along with some selective places as in restaurants or cosmetic care areas.
The area is safe. There are not many crimes in this neighborhood.
These houses are nice and in a good area of town. The location is amazing because of its distance to stores, restaurants, schools, and most other places.
Many, many options. Depends on the area you are in as well.