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I live closer to the outskirts of town, so its almost a half hour drive almost anywhere we go around town. Also, traffic gets backed up quite frequently, and there are several semi trucks passing through the main road i live off of because there is this truck stop nearby and most of these truck drivers seem drowsy, so it seems unsafe sometimes driving near them. However, there are a lot of opportunities and different colleges and universities in Jacksonville, so it is a great place to kick start a future career.
Most people around here are very nice and welcoming. They are all alike, just simple country people.
The crime is very low and when there is within the community it is not harming to people.
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Within the community you can find just about anything you need. There are mostly small businesses and the rest are big businesses.
Job opportunities are not as common if you are looking for a specific job. There are a few jobs but not enough if a lot o people wanted to work in that field.
The most essential item in your wardrobe would be shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Weather here is amazing it is almost always sunny. Winter is not that cold, every once in a while it will get down to 30 degrees. But other than that you can get by with a light jacket and jeans.
Intuition Ale Works in Riverside has good food and drinks. They also have 3-D brewery tours.
People are friendly and helpful. The area is clean.