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Otay mesa is a big family community. Everybody knows everybody. But the down side of otay mesa is the quality of the economy. The schools could use new book, the unoccupied and abanded buildings could be put to use and the job opportunities in this area should be more accessible (via the internet, newspaper, etc.).
San Diego is one of the best cities in the country. The weatheris always perfect, the people are kind and relaxed, and the city's mixed cultures is one of the best characteristics of the city
Living in San Diego for over 21 years, I've found that there's always something new to see and learn here. From the beaches, to the local boutiques and the cute bakeries, I love everything about San Diego. Not only would I choose to live here for another 21 years, I would recommend San Diego to everyone because there's something to do for all ages. Whether it be having Sunday brunch in La Jolla, or surfing in Mission Beach, or having a night out with your friends in Downtown, this city is spectacular to visit and even more amazing to live in.
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We have HOA, so they take good care of the community such as landscaping, etc. Also they have local events, and gatherings. The neighborhood is very pet friendly and very welcoming.
San Diego is a very diverse area of people, foods, shopping. It is a great vacation place, but its just that; a vacation place. To actually live in San Diego is way over priced, and also the people here are not always the nicest. However, we do have wonderful weather and great beaches. Everything is so close together. We don't have to drive miles and miles to get to a gas station or grocery store. We have wonderful hidden gem's and places to explore that many tourists wouldn't know about that only locals do. San Diego definitely has its ups and downs.
As mentioned before there are A LOT of thefts and break-ins. That is definitely the worst part. The overall area looks safe and feels safe but the break-ins and thefts kill the atmosphere.
It is very quiet in my area of Chula Vista. It has beautiful views. I generally feel safe, although my motorcycle got stolen so that shook my core a bit. Although it is far from a lot of San Diego attractions, I prefer living where I do.
This area provides a great family atmosphere. There is park nearby where kids can spend their time playing games. Parents are not afraid to let their kids play outside in the street with the other neighborhood kids.
Great weather and also great atmosphere.
I lived in San Diego, california we only got sunshine and a little bit of rain. Nothing else really happened it was great.
There is only a hometown buffet and golden house Chinese restaurant. the hometown buffet was quite average nothing good, nothing bad. The golden house place was delicious and inexpensive. good quality.
The shopping center in my area consisted of little boutiques, two gas stations, a starbucks, a walmart, home depot, AMC and much more. the parking was a disaster and the walmart was also a disaster. My mother and I dreaded going into the walmart. However due to the prices and how money was tight, walmrt was where we needed to be. The starbucks and AMC were right near our bank and they were always the best. The little boutique store was where I went to shop to try to get cheaper versions of the clothes that you would see at the mall. or even clothes that you didn't want to come from the mall.the whole shopping mall deserves an average rating because of the good and bad parts.