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I have lived in this area since 1977. I am proud of the home I have and my neighbors. I would like to see changes with graffiti and issues with parking on my block due to the Condominiums across the street and the tenants have partially blocked my drive-way since they do not have adequate parking.
Nice neighborhoods with low gang activity. Close to a couple of libraries. Public transportation nearby close to trolly line. Not very much gang activity, but graffiti can be found in most places. Many school and parks nearby with after school programs. A bike ride away from the beach, with nice weather year round. Storms tend to avoid this area and hit inland and northern cities more.
The city I live in is a beautiful place.
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In the condos that i live in their is always a guard walking around taking care of issues.
If I could choose to live here again or in another place i would definitely choose living here.
The apartment isn't that old but it has it's ups and downs.
Good place to live but the rent is getting about to high.
My area there was not been any crimes that I know of but we do live about 20-25 miles away from a prison.
The area that I live in is a really convenient area because every essential is at my reach.
My area is great and safe, but I'm also not too sure at night. There's a certain area, not my area since it's safe, but a block away where car robberies and such take place almost every day, as well as drug users. Thankfully there's a lot of police around, which makes me nervous when I'm driving, but also safe at night, if they're around. Sometimes they're not.
There's not much I can say about my neighborhood, it's relaxing, good neighbors, everyone is friendly, there's schools, and a fire department very close by so emergencies are taken care of quickly. Food is alright, but you can get to great places in a 5 minute drive, and since the freeway is very close, you can get anywhere farther even quicker.
I live in a decent neighborhood and there's isn't much in the way of crime beyond j walking
You always like your hometown, so I'm not sure I'm the best person to speak about the county. But I can tell you a sweet piece of California Americana exists here, and I'll love it forever. If you liked Drake and Josh as a kid, it's based in San Diego XD
I have been living here for quite some time and have not seen any crime problems in this area.
This area is okay we have two children and there are no decent parks around our neighborhood. The parks that are near by attract many individuals who are not appropriate to be around children like troublemakers and bums.
There is some houses in this area but they cost a lot of money than they used to
They live here for a pretty long time here and only a few leave
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That the safety crews are every aware of what is going on and I hope they continue doing that in the future
It is pretty quiet and everything is pretty much close by and a lot of businesses are being made
Overall I have no major concerns. Everyone should always take precautions regardless of where they live.