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Orlando International Airport Reviews

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This area is a gateway to all surrounding areas via public transport. Transit system is reliable and very clean as well as cheap.
Easy to come and go no hassle.
Very pleasant airport with beautiful monorails to terminals and lots of food choices and friendly staff
The area around the Orlando International Airport is very clean and safe! I have lived about 3 miles away for the majority of my life and I absolutely love it!
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the airport is easy to get in and out of. The signage is clear labelled. even under construction, the roadways are labelled effectively.
The airport is clean and it is an easy access airport. There is easy access to every think you need, plane, store, food, restroom, and rest area. In addition, the atmosphere and sounding areas are very clean.
Nice little neighborhood. Airplanes can be heard every so often but it is not so loud. Near a lot of good resturants and activities
The move to Orlando has had a positive impact on my family. There is a much better quality of life here than in my starting point of Indiana. Of course, the weather is a definite plus. Downside is that this is the tourist capital of the world and that makes for an interesting mix on the roadways.
The line to go through security is horrible.
The airport inside is beautiful.
There is a lot of store and restaurant.
The airport is very update with technology.
Around the Orlando International Airport area there is many supermarkets and the everyday stores you would need. There is also more than one mall in this area. Although at times there could be safer places to be, it is not a bad area. There is also many medical centers near by that the average person needs. Not to mention that there is a huge airport in that area that goes to any domestic and international place you could think of.
I am a current resident of the Orlando area and I love the city. Not much bad to say, although I have seen a spike in crime in the past few years. All in all, I have to say that it is still safer then most major cities and it is a wonderful place to raise a family.