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It really depends on where you live. In the Northwest corner, Northeast corner, and some of the Southeast area, a lot of the houses are really nice and usually quite expensive. In my specific area the houses are average; however, some areas have pretty bad housing. There is a pretty clear line between the nicer housing and the poor quality housing though. There are not a lot of vacant properties. The water does not cost too much, which I assume is because Wichita is such a large city. The best areas in Wichita are most likely the new areas, like the Maize school district. Maize was rural probably only ten years ago, but now it is a rapidly growing area with a lot of new housing and stores!
Wichita has a pretty good community. Most people who live near me generally stay there for quite some time and most have grown up here or in the surrounding areas. There are several small local event, mostly located downtown, but you have to know about them, as there is not usually a lot of advertisement. Most activities are family friendly, and a lot of places, like the Sedgwick County Park, are pet friendly! Wichita is a really good, safe place for families!
I live in the Northwest area of Wichita and it is super safe here, with little crime. The Southwest side of town has more crime, at least that is what I have heard. But I've always felt safe wherever I go in Wichita.
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I think Wichita is a nice place to have grown up around. I've always lived nearby, but actually living in the city has allowed me to have a nice transition to a larger city. The only downside to the Wichita is that there isn't many NEW things to do. While the restaurant industry seems to be growing, not much else seems to be following. If I could do it all over, I would probably choose to live in a larger city that has a larger amount of activities and shopping choices.