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Orangecrest is a nice neighborhood that is very family inviting and has a friendly environment. There are many schools in the area, all K-12. A sports park, library, community center and multiple parks are in the neighborhood. There are local grocery stores, drug stores, food options, and shopping. Traffic is minimal because everything you need is no more than 15 minutes away. There is also a local farmer's market that offers seasonal, fresh and quality produce as well as a selection of their own dried fruits and nuts. It is a very nice town that has everything you need within the area.
The area is great. Neighborhoods are clean and friendly. Parks are well maintained, the recreational involvement of parents and kids is great.
The schools are great.
I have lived in this area for almost 20 years and It has grown exponentially. I enjoy the convince of stores and businesses but I wish to see more of a community based environment. For example, more public and community activities that are put on by the city not just private organizations. I think the addition of these programs a few times a year would definitely lessen the feeling of Isolation here.
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Whenever there is an issue there is a very small witting period for the police or emergency services to arrive.
The general atmosphere is very welcoming, if i were to choose anywhere to live i would live here. A lot of involvement in the community and very friendly and safe neighborhoods.
Worst is trouble making teens trying to have fun.
Its pretty good, just nosy and judgmental neighbors.
The area is pretty safe. There are always people out walking around with their families or pets. Quite rare that you hear the police driving by.
You get almost all the seasons here. It does warm up quite a bit in the summer but the winter times are nice. Many places to go hang out and have fun.
I really miss my neighbors they were all really great. That being said I heard the people who moved into our old house made things really bad for those around them.
It is really nice and most of the people are friendly.
overall, our public services are very good. Our school system could use some improvement from the top down, with many of our problems having to do with our superintendent and school district board rather than the schools themselves, and of course being in a drought our water supply needs help
There seems to be a low number of crimes in this area, or at least my district, and as far as I'm aware there's no evidence to the contrary
We live in a Chaparral region, and have very desert-like weather. We have very hot and dry summers with decently cool winters and little rainfall. We are currently in a severe drought, which looks to make for an uncomfortable summer. We typically have low humidity making for hot days and cool nights, spurring wardrobes of T-shirt and jeans or shorts and sandals. In the winter, it's usually only ever cold enough to require a light jacket
There is very little nightlife in this area, with only a select few restaurants open into later hours. Most of our food options are brand name restaurants like Applebees and Chiles, and fast-food places like McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr. and the occasional In-N-Out. But there are few truly unique venues. A few popular food locations are Rubys, Red Robin, and Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor
The job market in this area is not large, but better than many lower-income areas. There are not a lot of jobs available in this area, and most of the ones that are are minimum wage retail or food service
There are plenty of corporate stores in the area, but not many small businesses nearby. There are some, but not as many as I would like to see thriving. Middle class convenience is definitely prevalent and we can get everything we need here
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There are lots of options when it comes to housing so there is a large scale
I do not feel ever that I am not safe here it is very reliable
Honestly the weather here is so great, we are spoiled with warm weather just about year round