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Hot and dry from May through October, and chilly with periods of rain from November through April.
Probably one of the more in-shape communities around. Both men and women are concerned with diet and exercise.
The political climate in my area is pretty stagnant, and gerrymandering has prevented any Democrat from being elected in our district, but things get done as fast as the national government can move these days.
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The employment is average, but slowly coming back. Technology and finance are big around here, and if those are not your field or expertise, you may have to drive aways.
There are a few very isolated incidents, but this area is very safe and neighborhood watches are common.
Usually just families and weekend visitors mainly in the summer for popular seasonal attractions.
Great variety and the quality is unsurpassed. In just a 5 miles radius, there are pretty much any kind of food in whatever medium you would want it.
The people are mostly right-wing middle to upper class. Little diversity in comparison to the larger communities in California.
Some great outlets for the expectant consumer, but if you don't look in the right direction, you may be caught off-guard by unrenovated areas that spoil the otherwise consistent choices of well-groomed and high-quality centers.
In a 25 mile radius, the landscape is rather monotonous, but we are centrally-located, so a quick getaway to beaches, mountains, or rivers/lakes are not out of the question.
Great variety of choices for upper and middle class families. Just a few miles away, fast-paced expansion in home building is taking place, and in fact, just behind us is a new neighborhood that is still under construction.
Sometimes there are a few construction projects that impede the average consumer, but they usually end on schedule, and are mostly done at night or on weekdays at low-volume times. Roads are high quality, and lights are mostly timed to prevent congestion.
Great schools, community, and shopping choices. I feel safe where I live.