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The only benefits that come with living in olney are the cheap houses and the availability of public transportation. Downside is you'll be living with drug dealer and bad infrastructure.
Olney used to be a nice quiet place but now it's full of drugs, housing is of poor quality with rent high as sky, too much shootings happening.
What i like about the Olney neighborhood hood is to family aspects that everyone has and the feel to protect one another no matter what by any means necessary. What I would like to see change is the overall environmental. I would like to see cleaner streets and also a more intense development off the neighborhood schools and businesses.
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Olney is not as it use to be. The people, community, and resources available have changed. The area is filled with drugs and poverty and continues to get worse.
This area has gone down hill since I first moved here in the 90's. The crime rate has gone up, I wouldn't personally raise any children in this neighborhood.
There can be alot fixed up in this Olney neighborhood. It's very dangerous, especially around olney transportation center. There needs to be something done about the trash in this area.
My experience with Olney is good. The people mostly stay to their self and kids play with each other. There may have been little problems here and there but no area is super perfect. So far it's a good area to live.
Olney is great neighborhood. I moved to Olney when I was 9 years old. When I first moved on my block I had mostly senior citizens as neighbors. Since moving there the community demographics has changed and the crime rate has increased. The neighbor is not the worst neighborhood in Philadelphia but could use some improvement. La Salle University is located in the area which adds value to the community.
Just Moved here. I can be a great neighborhood depending on where you live. It is close to public transportation. There is also several school is the area. It is also close to place like Jenkinstown and Willow Groves.
My neighborhood is not great at all. It is getting more and more dangerous and is crime filled. I would definitely not move to Olney and am currently looking to move away.
I like the neighborhood because it is VERY diverse. Most of the streets are well lit and it has access to a variety of public transportation options.
I was born and raised in Olney and it is a community I love, however, the environment is not qualified for me to raise my children in. The school system is flawed and the community lacks positive extra-curricular activities. It is a personal goal of mine to be able to attain a position where I can give back to my community; I will achieve this because Olney has unlimited potential.
I enjoy living in my neighborhood. I have been there almost my whole life and the block is very community oriented. I know some of my neighbors and they are willing to take me in when I need help. There are some areas of my neighborhood that are a little strange. We have some houses that I would not walk past. And with some crimes that have happened directly on my block, kids can no longer play outside without adult supervision. The area is still friendly enough that they will report if something were to go wrong.
I like that public transit is right around the corner and the convenience of local shops and supermarkets in the area.
For the past four years that I have lived here I have not witnessed any crime. The neighborhood is usually quiet and there aren't many people just hanging around unless they are enjoying the weather on their private property.
Living in this area is not too bad. It is much better than the neighborhood I had lived in before here. It was my parents choice to move there so I can not complain about it too much. I would prefer to live more so down in the Southern states. For the future of this area I would hope to see more community gatherings and people getting to know one another.
The police come when needed, not as fast, but they do come. The crime around my neighborhood is not as bad as in other neighborhoods and regions so I'm very thankful for that.
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I would not want to live here again because the neighbors are a problem. I do enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and enjoy that crime does not happen so often in this area, but the children around my house enjoy stealing things from my yard and also breaking into abandoned buildings.
There has been a couple of crimes here in the past, and the neighbors would always argue in such a way that others can feel their life being threatened.
I would not live here again if I could do it all over. This area is not a good area compared to the rest of the area. In the future, I feel that it could become worse with the crime rates. Some of the neighbors are not considerate of others.