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I lived in the Olde Towne East area and I love the quirkiness of it. The neighborhood has definitely gotten richer and there are houses being renovated and placed back on the market. The houses are gorgeous and its right next to downtown. There are some local restaurants that provide a relaxing atmosphere without all the buzz that some down places would have.
It's a rather mixed neighborhood that seems to be trending upwards but you don't have to travel far to see depressed pockets on the area. Could use a few more places to socialize but the ones that do are fairly affordable and have a good assortment of creative's, young professionals, and business people. Another plus is its relatively close distance to downtown Columbus and Bexley.
Olde town east is a very nice neighborhood that is being fixed up and remodeled. The housing market has almost tripped its values since I have moved here 6 years ago. I highly recommend this area because of location and that it's close to downtown!
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Olde Towne East is a very welcoming niche in Columbus. It has plenty of independent shops and definitely feels like a community. It may not seem like the nicest or most up-and-coming part of town, but it is incredibly unique (in a good way), and has a personality all its own. OTE has increased in popularity recently, it seems, with a lot of condos, apartments, and houses being renovated to help improve the overall quality of the neighborhood and appeal to young adults and young families. Overall, a great place to live with great local businesses and hangouts, and in general filled with friendly people who enjoy the community and want to see it thrive.
My environment is developing as we speak. It has always been a drug alley, sex offender drop off, degraded community. Pretentiously the neighborhood will come to riches due to evolving community around.
I love the neighborhood I live in in the past five years the Olde Town East neighborhood has been a growing force in local new popular businesses making more people come and tour the activities and businesses around.
Public services suck because traffic in my neighborhood backs up public services and pushes many of the times back which causes lateness
Crime in my neighborhood isn't a problem because we have a great block watch and there is always extra police when you live close by downtown. I love it
Homes and businesses in the area are historic and just a beautiful sit to see
Well I live off Broad street which is an extremely busy street with many reckless rude distracted drivers.
People in my neighborhood are very friendly and welcoming to any and everyone especially guest in our community
Phone stores in my community suck they're always packed and the customer service is horrible.
I recently made a visit to Yellow Brick Pizza on the east side of Columbus, Ohio and my experience there was wonderful. The waiters were very polite and time friendly and the food was great.
The Oak Street Meat Market located in the Olde Town East neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio is a great and fun place to go buy local organic meats and produce. They're sort of similar to the North Market but it's much smaller. I happen to love this palce because they often have everything I need there and they have events for the community that allows family and friends to communicate and come up with more interesting ideas in how to make the meat store a better place.