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Old Towne Reviews

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Always lots to do in and around the neighborhood. Very pet friendly.
There are rarely crime issues in this area.
Great neighborhood. Cool houses, nice people, clean streets. Nearby downtown Plano with lots of shopping, dining, entertainment, and services nearby — many of which are in walking distance.
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The police are very visible and quick acting whenever I've needed them.
The ability to rent a 1 bedroom small apartment now requires 2 people with incomes below $15/hour. There are no loft styled apartments available. Some of the housing area needs to be improved as they do not take care of the buildings.
with more and more innovations and buildings around the are the cost of living is getting more expensive by the year. Jobs are not always what one hopes them to be, but overall it's a nice place to live.
there is not any really high paying jobs around here
most businesses are 5 to 10 minutes away from home and most places have good service