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I just moved into Marshall Field Gardens apartments as a college student...the people that live there are very friendly and set an example of what urban excellence should look like. There is barely any crime and the Marshall Field Green apartments are very safe in my opinion. The neighborhood and the apartments are very cheap and is very safe, and you would not have to go through any of the things you would go through if you were in a ghetto.
barley any crime, very safe neighborhood, feels like the suburbs, this really is one of the best spots in all of chicago. Its not what it shows on the news, this is one of the best parts of chicago. Its very family friendly and me and my 2 kids have never had to go through any of the problems you would have to go through if you were in the hood. There are many job opportunities as well, and many young college students going to their classes.
This is the best area to live...It has stores galore..Most importantly we have some of the Best Restaurants on the planet..Our transit system will get you from Cubs, Sox, Bulls & Bears Game..If you need any kind of direction call me I been in the area over 40 years..
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It's very lively, maybe a little bit too lively on the weekends. You can never be bored here: extremely nice houses, right by Lincoln Park Zoo, Second City, many food spots.
I've lived in Old Town all my life. Old Town is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. The neighborhood is somewhat environmentally friendly. Many of the residents in the area prefer to take the train or ride a DIVVY bike which are stationed in most of the blocks. The main thing I like about the area is the Art festival. It's very unique and brings many different walks of life into the neighborhood. I love Old Town.
Very nice area with many restaurants, bars, stores, gyms, etc. Very high-end and can be pricey, but a clean and fairly safe area. Seems to have a good nightlife.
Feels like a very safe neighborhood. The only thing is during summer when younger kids/people from other areas come from North Ave beach and don't respect the area.
I love the area because it's homey, yet city. It's not suburban, but still has a sense of community. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and access to outdoor entertainment (beach, bike path, sports).
Great environment for young families. Great schools in the neighborhood, and not much violence. Very safe and great for businesses and young students/couples
I have had my family's cars broken into three times within the first few years of living there. Theft is an issue throughout the area because there is a wide range of incomes within a small mile radius.
I love living in this neighborhood. There are so many things to go do within walking distance; beach, walking/biking paths, shops, great restaurants, movie theaters, etc.
it is as i said before. a lot of people have died over there or have gotten hurt.
i personally do not want to stay there do to the people surrounded around there. its gang related over there and police have to stay over there 24/7 because of that. if i get a chance to move and have the finical support tp help me then i will. i dont want my kids growing up over there.
very great neighborhood. my girlfriend and I love it so much
Better opportunities than most places
Great BYOB sushi restaurant we frequent often
Lots of solid restaurants, including french, italian, diners, etc. Many good bars.
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I live in the Old Town/Gold Coast area of Chicago, which I feel is the city's best residential neighborhood. We have access to Lincoln Park and the Lake, terrific restaurants, and low crime. It's also quite easy to get downtown or to the West side of town.
Several street fairs in the area as well and events in the nearby parks. (Farmers markets, races and sporting events)
Continues to improve. Unemployment in the neighborhood is very low.