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Since I moved in with my sisters, I have not heard or seen any crimes committed in this area. Therefore, I am not concerned with the crimes and safety in this area. The visibility of the police and fire fighters is excellent. I feel safe in this area.
This area is very convenient for me and my sisters. There's a great shopping center near by and safe for my nieces and nephews whenever they decide to visit.
The places are amazing but the only issue is that its hard to find a low costing apartment for those who are trying to get up and start their lives outside of home.
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The community is very kind. When someone needs help a lot of people come to see if you're alright. There's many community events for anyone and everyone even if our views are different.
The crime may be bad, but knowing we have a great community of Police officers and State troopers; I feel safe. I have friends who have been saved because of the police and yes they may be a bit of a downer if you get pulled over but they do that for the safety for you and others.
Anchorage is and always will be my home town. The people can be crazy at times, but that's what makes it interesting for me at least. You never know who you may run into in this town. When you go shopping you could see a good friend just walking by doing the same thing! So in my opinion, I will never want to permanently move from this town because I will miss the atmosphere that it brings to me.
The houses are built so they can withstand heavy snowfall and earthquakes, and many of them are spacious, with big yards and garages to keep cars in in the winter.
There are many local businesses that add their own touch to food, clothes, design, and more.
In my area of town there are quite a few restaurant positions open, but you have to go to other parts of town to get any real, good-paying jobs.
People come her for jobs and permanent funds