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I love San Leandro because there are a lot of resources being brought to us from the county. I grew up here my whole life and the schools are good. There is a new youth center which provides great resources to 11-24 year olds as well.
I have been raised in Oakland much of my life, near San Leandro but only as an adult did I become a resident. I enjoy the small town feel.
Its a small town next to a bigger, more crime infested town (Oakland). What are you going to do?
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It does not have the right vibe for me to spend the rest of my life in.
Very peaceful not so many dangerous crimes

Streets are pretty clean
I have no complaints about our public services. Our wonderful public library really came in handy when I was unemployed.
It is the best in the world. really! Summer plans are never canceled because it doesn't rain in the summer. Most of the year the weather is in the 60s or 70s. Even if it gets hot during the day, nights are always cool. We rarely have storms and we never have snow, ice, flooding, or tornadoes. Most places are not even air-conditioned.
In my town, the Mexican and Chinese food are especially popular (reflecting our population). In nearby cities, I like to eat at Indian restaurants.
Tourists do not visit my town, but nearby San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Marin, and Napa Valley are very popular.
Some families move out searching for "better schools," but there is a large core of very dedicated citizens who have worked hard to improve the community, and they have.
We have a nice variety of older smaller homes and newer larger homes and no McMansions.
We have mostly the big chain stores, discount stores, and any kind of store related to beauty or cell phones. The only businesses I enjoy are the restaurants.
The recession shuddered half the stores in my town. Many have reopened and new businesses are coming in. Despite the economic problems, I love living here.
People who can afford it can go to gyms and have time to exercise outdoors (we have great weather). Poor people are usually too busy working several jobs to have time to exercise.
In this area, you are rich or you are poor. There are still too many jobs that do not pay middle-class wages.
I give public transportation a high rating, but freeway congestion is terrible. Roads are crowded and full of potholes. People drive too fast. I don't feel safe riding a bicycle around town.
The Bay Area is one of the most diverse and tolerant places in the world.
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We live a day's drive or less to a dozen state parks, seven national parks, the Pacific Ocean, various rivers, lakes, beaches, forests, and desert. California has the oldest, tallest, and most massive trees in the world!
In my area, there is some crime, mostly burglaries and holdups in banks and stores. However, we live near two high-crime areas with these kinds of crimes and more, including murder and rape.