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The houses where I am are in good condition and occupied, but the closer you get to downtown the more rundown houses you see.
The city does not have a lot of money, so it struggles at times to fulfill everyone's needs, but they are really trying to improve.
Where I live, there isn't a huge amount of diversity but far much more than there is in other parts if the city.
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Honestly, if i could choose, I would not choose to live in this area. There are good parts, but sometimes the bad seems to outweigh them.
There are some who really want to see our city thrive as it once did, but there is usually someone or some people preventing that from happening.
The places aren't bad, but a few have cleanliness and sometimes personnel issues that make it hard shopping there.
Most of those places are far from my area, but they are still nice places that are worth the drive.
Not very many healthy options on where to eat at in this area.
Construction is probably the worst thing about the transportation. A major highway was just shut down for 4 months due to construction.
There is a very bad reaction time to emergencies in our city. There simply aren't enough police and fire fighters to go around. We need help.
There are issues to the area when concerning safety. There have been notable crimes in the area.
There aren't very many facilities or areas to exercise in this area. You would have to go to a nearby town for those activities.
The employment in the area is decent. There isn't a large variety of places to choose from when it comes to where to work. The best jobs around this area are either within downtown or outside of the city. There aren't very many local stores to go to.
My community is a pretty good community to raise a family for many years. The neighbors are generally good people who look out for one another. There are spacious backyards to where pets can roam freely and safely at their own home. I would recommend my area as a suitable place to live.