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I have lived in Old Pasadena for 20 yrs. To sum it up there is a big elderly population, lots of vacationers and snowbirds, good prices and good weather. Dead of Summer (July-Sept) is so hot, it's nauseating. I would not recommend to families or young adults. It is prominently elderly everywhere so its difficult to meet people in their 20s - 30s. The public educational system is ranked low in comparison to other states. Job market is in hospitality with all the hotels and restaurants. Cheap living. Groceries and going out is cheap. Basically it is a good retirement area and great place to vacation.
Growing up and living here has been great. Very good area. This will always be a safe and great area to live in.
Crime is not bad in this area. We have good police and they are always on the look out for suspicious individuals. I see police everyday when I am out in the area which comforts me because I am a young woman. I can honestly say that I feel safe to walk around the area of Saint Petersburg because I know I am safe and police are always in visibility.
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In the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida the weather is pretty amazing. It doesn't compare to a lot of areas in the world because it is so beautiful. It doesn't snow in Florida, no earthquakes, no tornadoes and no droughts. Saint Petersburg is a very tropical place that feels like summer all the time for the most part. Our winters are not usually cold either so it is pretty nice to live in this area. You never have to really unpack your "winter clothes" because most Decembers you can catch a local still in a bathing suit here!
Saint Petersburg, Florida has the best options for food and drinks! We are a city that contains the most beautiful beaches in the world so of course there are plenty of bars and restaurants. We have a big variety of food that contains a lot of seafood and any other food that you can think of such as chinese, italian, greek, and more. There is plenty to offer when it comes to food and drinks in this area.
Employment in this area is pretty good. There are many job opportunities in the area for teens and older. The city of Saint Petersburg, Florida always have tourists and more individuals moving into the area each year. It is a beautiful tropical paradise to live and it has many careers to follow. I cannot really say what most people do for a living in this city because there are a lot of things. I would say the major careers that most individuals do for a living here is working as a realtor or in the medical field. There are constantly individuals moving to the city so reality is a popular job and is successful I would say. Working in the medical field is as well very popular and successful because there are a lot of retired individuals in the city also people are unfortunately always needing help.
Local businesses in the area of Saint Petersburg, Florida are very successful. There is a big variety of types of stores for everyone and age. There are grocery stores, organic food stores, private owned businesses, and more. Were I live towards the west coast towards the beach there are a lot of tourists that come and they bring a lot of business to the small shops on the beach and more. I am an employee on the beach as well at one of these small business shops as well, so i get insight on how many individuals go to these little shops. Other than business just for the small local shops, Saint Petersburg strives with business across the city. There are a lot of individuals that live in this beautiful tropical city, most in which retired. Constantly you will see more and more businesses popping up. Saint Petersburg, Florida is successful in the my eyes as a local for many years.
This is a very nice area.
Their are a lot of pensioners because this is Florida, but its an okay place.