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The ONE is arguably one of the most diverse sections of Burlington. It contributes great culture to Burlington with many stores and shops owned by refugees.
In the last few years, the city of Burlington has been cleaning up a lot in the old North End but it still has a lot more to do, the roads still need a lot of work.
Infrastructure maintenance seems to be lagging in the area. There could also be more done to make higher education more affordable to everyone in the area.
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Housing is pretty bad in most of the area. Rent is very expensive due to the high demand with all of the college students in the area. Because rent is already high and it doesn't curb demand landlords are able to keep properties in pretty bad condition and still rent them out. There are very few nice accommodations and the few nice ones are unaffordable to most.
Very little crime in the area and it feels very safe.
The weather changes fairly quickly but is never severe or life threatening. Mostly just changes between sunny, rainy, and cold fast. The winters are very cold and can be hard to deal with.
There are a lot of restaurants in the area with diverse menu options. Many of the restaurants also have an emphasis on local products and a lot provide a farm to table menu. The food in the area is great and the nightlife is alive as well because of the several colleges in town.
There are a handful of large employers in the area and a good number of smaller businesses to work for but the job market is very competitive. Very few college graduates are able to stay in the area and most must move to a larger city to get a good job. Salaries are very low in this area compared to others because of the competitiveness.
This area has a great variety of mom-and-pop stores with a huge emphasis on local products. You can get everything you need but may pay more than other areas because of the emphasis on local products.
There are many nice houses, but also many apartments that are not well maintained or are trashed by the college students who occupy them. As it is a college town, there is a variety of housing, but for the most part, it is also a very family-friendly area as well. The cost of living is incredibly expensive in comparison to some other major cities/college towns.
Burlington employers are generally very nice and welcoming and full of excitement. Thus working atmospheres are fantastic, however the cost of living versus salary are often not enough to live in Burlington as the cost of living is high.
Burlington prides itself on local businesses, and while some of them, such as Downtown Threads and Second Time around are great to find thrift shop deals, others such as Dear Lucy and City Market are meant to attract a wealthier tourist crowd. This makes these places inaccessible to locals who cannot afford the prices of local merchandise.