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There's a lot of diversity. However, public safety needs to be better implemented. The area contains a lot of students with a lot of preventable crime.
It is mostly a college neighborhood full of OSU students. Some apartments can be in need of an update, they are usually reasonably priced though. It is one of the quieter areas around campus, but activities can still be found nearby on High Street and at the park/ running and biking trail.
Old North Columbus is a great neighborhood for students and those who desire a easy-going feel. There has been a lot of development the past few years especially on Summit St.
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I enjoy access to the Olentangy Trail which is ideal for strolling and cycling.
I enjoy the variety of the local businesses.
This neighborhood is very walkable, which is ideal for people who enjoy an active lifestyle.
I think there are multiple improvements that should be made. The heart of Columbus doesn't have much diversity, nor a big nightlife. The best and only good part about Columbus is Ohio State's campus.
I have never been a victim of any crime while living here.
I live in Columbus, Ohio which is a great place to live overall. There is plenty to see and do, and you experience all four seasons.
Crime is something I worry about mostly because I am a single woman. I do not feel safe after dark, but that is what one is to suspect after hours in a capital city.
It's cold, but I would live here again if I was given the opportunity.
There are a lot of places that are good but other places are riddled with crime
I'm comfortable living here with people I know all around me, but I don't want to stay here once I start a family
Most of the jobs around here our retail or fast food.
Fun, good area of Columbus just past OSU campus.
There are a lot of opportunities for employment here. You can apply to six jobs in one day and you are almost guaranteed to hear back from at least two of them within a week.
There are so many different choices for nightlife in this area. In the Short North, there are cool/trendy bars and hangouts that are a bit more expensive. We also have a lot of bars near campus with excellent drink deals, and on top of those, we have the most incredible late-night food you could ever want. We are famous for Cane's Chicken, Sicilia's Pizza (my personal favorite), and PJ's sandwiches. There are at least two different options for food/drinks every block you walk on High Street.
We have awesome small businesses in the area with plenty of options! We have unique bars and hangouts for college students, and we also have quaint coffee shops in the area for studying. There are plenty of places around Columbus to keep anyone interested for four years with a unique experience every day.
Tons of local shops, lots of variety, can get anything you need within a couple miles.
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Large college campus nearby, crime is mainly non-violent but rapes have been reported. Cops are overzealous when responding to calls.
The business in this are is great. Anything you could possibly need can all be found within a two mile radius. The are a variety of different stores ranging from big companies to the mom-and-pop shops. All of the big business companies provide great business to their customers. The smaller businesses also do well catering to the needs of their loyal customers.
The quality of housing in this area is not the best. Most people rent the houses and the tenants are usually college students. Compared to some other college's housing areas, Ohio State has fairly nice houses. They are comfortable as well as affordable.