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This area is a multi-and economic and social mixture. Gives home to people from all walks of life and delivers a good amount of diversity among the residence.
I would like to more police around the area. There is always so much crime around the University of Louisville and it is not safe for young college students to be walking back and forth to their apartments in old Louisville. It is a great place to live, just add a few extra police to patrol the area in the early mornings and late afternoons. Again, so much crime happens and student safety should be a high priority.
Old Louisville, which is just south of downtown Louisville and north of the University of Louisville, is famous for its many Victorian era homes featuring Romanesque, Italianate and Queen Anne architectural styles. The majority of these homes is all brick and includes stained glass windows. While the City of Louisville was first chartered in 1780, Old Louisville was initially developed in the 1830s by wealthy city dwellers who established country estates in the area. One favorite picnic area was known as Jacob’s Wood, which was very popular until the mid 1840s. Significant development didn’t begin until the 1850s, when streets were extended further south from Broadway, which included a mule car line that extended down Fourth Street to Oak Street in 1865. The area now known as Old Louisville was called the Southern Extension, which was annexed by the City of Louisville in 1868....
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Living in Old Louisville has definitely been an experience! I love that fact that everything and anything that you may need is never too far (grocery store, gas station, etc.), the University of Louisville's campus is around the corner, there is always something to do and the scenery is amazing! However, finding decent parking is almost impossible, houses/apartments in the area are not so reasonably priced and traffic can be awful, especially when the University is hosting games and around Derby.
I love the accessibility to public transportation. It is reliable, quick and goes directly down town and south (to Beechmont, my office, and the grocery store). The architecture is beautiful, and incredibly affordable, choosing to go to school in Kentucky has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in student loans on housing alone.
I have been living in Old Louisville for over a year and it is by far my favorite place in Louisville. The characters, architecture, and culture are just a few of the things that made me fall in love. Central Park is beautiful, along with the plays and festivals they host in the area.
I personally love Old Louisville! It has a ton of character in its Victorian style houses, the people and community are great, and it's in a prime location between many hot spots in Louisville.
This area of town is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in. The community is walking distance from parks, community functions, area police watch, and family fun with in a mile from our front and back door.
I enjoy the old Louisville area, it is the heart of downtown Louisville close to many attraction downtown. I like it because when I didn't have a car i was able to still get everywhere I needed, even school because everything is so close to where i live or there is a bus route.
I have had my car broken into since living here. I make serious strides to keep myself safe, but there are many times I receive notices of robberies in this area.
I enjoy living in Louisville. I have lived in Cincinnati and I prefer it there. There is better social events, sports teams, and education.
The atmosphere is awesome because it's not just another college town it is more than that. You can walk around old Louisville and see the most beautiful houses and you are close enough but not too close to Downtown Louisville which is also wonderful.
Its suburban and sprawling, but there are a number of great parks, tons of cool local businesses, and many interesting people. The coffee is great, and there's lots of good music and art. The weather is frustrating, too humid and hot during the summer, but the people are kind and tight knit. Its a great place to come from, a great place for kids to grow up, but too small for forward thinking 20 and 30 somethings.
I know there is a lot of outdoor activities to do in the area, I personally have just not gotten involved in them.
There is a lot of burgulary, stabbing and shootings. You should never walk alone.
There could definitely be more police force in this area. People get away with a lot here and it their is a good amount of crime.
You never know what you are going to get. One day it will be really hot and humid and the next day it will be freezing.
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If you put yourself out there it is very easy to find a job here, but if you put know effort into it you will not be successful in finding a job.
GREAT local food here. A lot of the restaurants get their food from local farms too which I really liked.
The small local businesses in Louisville are actually a lot nicer then I thought they would be. I am originally from RI and when I was coming here I thought it would be all fast food and commercialized businesses, but its not.