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I grew up in Kensington all of my life. My experiences with this neighborhood had its ups and downs over my lifetime of 23 years. Growing up as a child the neighborhood was a bit rough and harsh. As a reached my teenage years the neighborhood started to become gentrified, which at first was frustrating and demeaning but eventually became a great thing. The Neighborhood is more expensive now to live in but in doing so more properties began to develop and a fun night life grew to be a what sculpted this community into a fun and attractive area to live in. Everything is close by, food is great, culture is awesome, and having such a large variety of different nationalities was beneficial for this communities growth.
Overall it's okay. Of course things could be better, but not much.
I believe 2 years ago crime & safety in the neighborhood was considered really bad. Nowadays, I feel it getting better for sure.
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I believe Fishtown has a lot to change still, but it is getting there very quickly. Every month we notice new buildings rising up, new businesses opening, new restaurants, beauty salons, bars, coffee shops. The area is clearing up faster than expected, and it is becoming cozier and cozier. One of the reasons we moved here was because it reminded us of Brooklyn, NY, and now it resembles Brooklyn even more.