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I have lived in O4W for over a year. I love the neighborhood. We have close access to the Beltline, shops, and restaurants. We can easily access 75/85 while it still feeling like a residential area. Overall, it's a safe neighborhood but we are located in an urban area.
I love being able to bike and walk everywhere. I love the beltline, the bike paths, and all the public art. Some of the roads need to be fixed up and there is quite a bit of construction going on in this area. Its developing rapidly.
The downtown area (especially in front of Varsity) has a lot of crimes happening (Tech students get emails about these crimes) so it makes it difficult to decide to leave the campus area for anything.
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It's a great environment to be part of, because everyone is friendly and helpful, but security definitely can be an issue in downtown areas.
My dorm isn't the best, but most are. GT takes efforts to make sure that people have a semi-decent experience with housing.
It's a college campus, so the community is, at the same time, like minded and at odds with each other. We all hold similar interests, but how we go about pursuing them and what we think of different paths vary greatly, as well as opinions in general. There are a lot of Georgians in the area, a lot of international students, but not many out-of-state students, which is understandable considering it's a public university.
I'm a Californian, so the weather is a bit of a shock, but I truly love Atlanta, there's always something to do, the city is never dead (except maybe when it "snows"), and the people are always willing to help.
only bad thing is traffic
Generally I feel safe in downtown Athens. There, the county police and the campus police patrol regularly. However, there are some parts of town that I tend to avoid because of their crime reputation.
All in all, the weather in Athens is pretty temperate. Granted.Granted, the town is located in the Deep South, so summers are often hot, humid, and prone to unexpected rainstorms. However, fall and spring here are very calm and sunny, and winters are not terribly cold. We don't see snow very often.
Job availability in Athens greatly depends on what you want to do for a living. Since it's a college town, there's plenty of openings in the educational career. There's also a wide variety of shops, stores, and restaurants, so even if you work in retail or the service industry, you are bound to find somewhere that you fit in.
Athens has some of the best night life in the southeastern United States. There's a great variety of bars and restaurants ranging from authentic Indian cuisine to a videogame-inspired bar to a cookie shop that delivers until 3 a.m. and everything in between. Athens is also very vegan/vegetarian friendly.
Downtown Athens feels like an adoptive hometown. While it may be geared to college students, there are plenty of other businesses besides the bars. There are supermarkets like Walmart and Target as well as locally grown stores and restaurants. The mom-and-pop shops feel genuine and are run with love.
It's a great place to live in.
You can find almost anything you need around here.