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I have alot of fun over here with my friends from going to bars to playing basketball. The people are always nice and I feel safe in this area. Traffic is not to bad but I do get chased by stray dogs sometimes.
I love the night life in Deep Elm, its very busy. Everything is in walking distance, makes shopping convenient. Family friendly!!
Excellent area to live. Plenty to do for all ages. Friendly people and great food! I spent my childhood in this area. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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One of the best areas in Dallas. Alot of the smaller neighborhoods are protected from yuppie houses and the gentrification wave from sweeping them away. Dallas doesn't have much history pre-Kennedy but in this part of town you've got all kinds of history going on!
I love the neighborhood, because everyone knows each other. It is the perfect mix of peaceful and fun. There are elementary schools all around. I can ride my bike everywhere I need to go! The atmosphere is liberal and open minded. I feel safe, and I love the diversity. Everyone lives together in peace.
Old East Dallas is a great area to live in. It is located right next to downtown Dallas where I attend school and close to the two major hospitals in which I am an employee. There are several grocery stores and lots of of bars. The rental prices have surged to ridiculous amounts which is forcing a lot of lower and middle income earners out of the area. I, myself, went from living in a nice 2 story condo for $700 a month to having to scramble to move and find roommates. We were lucky to be able to stay in the area. Overall, I love this area; I just wish it were more affordable.
I love the area of Old Lake Highlands in East Dallas where I grew up. It's a great community located near White Rock Lake. While there were few kids my age while growing up, now more families have moved into the area and kids will be entering elementary schools in the neighborhood in the near future. Hexter Elementary is a great small school, and Hill Middle School as well as Bryan Adams will soon be ranked higher in the DISDistrict.
Sometimes people steal items out of the Walgreens on the corner
I would like to own my own land and live on a house
Recently at night there is more crime watch than the day, therefore meaning more security at night in my area.
Well where I live I see lots of crime and since I live in an apartment there's lots a people and it takes time to get things/ appliances fixed.
The police are somewhat visible patrolling the streets but are not extremely fast when called for emergencies
I really enjoy the area because its in a central location. Its in the same area as my job, me and my siblings school and the train station I use to the other places that aren't in the are. The people in the area are very friendly welcomed us when we moved there, some became like family.
The area I live in it's actually pretty good, I am close to the bus stops, the freeway is less than a mile away, I do have nearby grocery shops, everything and all necessities within a 5 mile radius, which is completely awesome for me. The only negative thing I can say about this is that during the afternoon there is quite a bit of traffic, but overall really good.
I love being able to walk everywhere I need to go (safely, at that!). No need to even buy gas, haven't driven my car in 5 years! Saving on gas? Nice.
overall I would consider this area decent. The physical area might not look appealing to some people, but the people who live in this area make the atmosphere of this area quite lively. My neighbor across the street have weekly parties and invites everyone around to join him in eating a taco. My neighbor across from me is a barber, he cuts hair for the neighborhood for a cheaper price than a barbershop.
It was a good experience. Nearby places to go eat and shop for groceries. But have to be carfeful since theybhave robbed our plants in the front porch. Also our grill and possessions in our car once when we left it parked in our driveway. Also a bike was robbed.
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The other places in the neighborhood vary, but that's common for Dallas.
The community is nice everyone is friendly but mostly keeps to themselves.
Average Hot- Cold Texas whether with an occasional thunderstorm and tornado warning here and there.