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We like living in the neighborhood. It's close to everything. We would like to see some of the older buildings renovated & in use again.
So nice and quite. People are friendly and its a family neighborhood. There are a lot of parks and cool places for you to take the kids. Also a good nightlife for when the kids are home and asleep lol
I like Old Brooklyn because it’s still apart of Cleveland but it has a suburb feeling. It’s quiet and the people are friendly. I can walk to the zoo and there are many parks around the area to pick from and just enjoy the scenery.
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Technically the Cleveland zoo is in Old Brooklyn and it's come a long way since I was a kid. There is a also Michael's Bakery on Broadview that has old world charm and amazing bakery as if it were baked in Europe. Not to mention how friendly everyone is in Old Brooklyn and the neighborhood you can't beat living here
The Brooklyn that I know is if I have to be perfectly honest, seriously lacking in things to do that are free for those who are either in high school or who are low income families. While the senior center is not far from us, the recreation center is lacking in things to do. The city taxes are killing those of us who cannot always find the money to pay them with and property taxes are deadly weapons of war against low income households. The parkways are drop off zones for litterbugs who enjoy leaving their lovely pop cans/beer cans in the bushes and behind the trees near the river often times. The highways at night are so loud you might even be able to consider packing your bags and moving to an island for a week, maybe even living their forever.
No nightlife or healthy living for 20-40 year olds. However, extremely convenient area to hop on 480 and get to any destination. Low cost of living and a safe area.