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The crime and safety of my area is great, I don't any problem really or anything bad being reported
The atmosphere is very peaceful, there isn't as many criminal like there are in other parts of the New Orleans. I do not plan to live in this area in the future because I want to travel, but I would recommend it for other. Where I live feel like living in the country very peaceful, but you still get the city feeling being around everything.
It is pretty bad. Someone is murdered almost every week. We were once called the crime capital.
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There is crime everywhere in New Orleans. It is getting better I guess when your friend wasn't the one killed this time. Taxes are increasing and gas is high. We have a new governor and will have a new president very soon. S I believe we are moving I the right direction.
Crime rate and damaged roads
There aren't many vacant places in the nice areas of town.
Jean Lafitte park is really nice. It's fun to hike there, and sometimes you'll see alligators.
There are places you know not to go, especially at night.

NOPD usually takes a while to respond to accidents.
In New Orleans, people say,"if you don't like the weather now, wait five minutes." It could be cold one day and really hot the next day. During the summer, there's a thunderstorm almost every afternoon.
Not too many places around the area. There is an Apple Bees and Buffalo Wild Wing. Lots of fast food.
I don't have much to say about the job market because I'm still in school. There are a lot of minimum wage jobs in this area. Most office type jobs are located on the East bank.
Most stores are big retail stores. Shopping centers usually have a grocery store with a couple stores like Petco or TJ Maxx surrounding it. There are a few restaurants around too.
I know they try their best but it's still not good enough.
I love the weather here. The humidity and heat doesn't bother me and the winters are great.
There's jobs but they tend to be entry level and most employers won't pay what you're worth.
There's a decent amount of fast food but very few good restaurants in the area.
There could be more stores in the area. I tend to have to go to the next city over to shop because of the lack of selection.
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Weather is normally great. However we experience hurricane Katrina. A major catastrophe.
My home is located in an excellent area, homes are kept neat and clean. No abandon cars or homes.
There are a lot of good community events. Good sport spirit