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This section of Philadelphia is mainly populated by the middle working class. I believe there would be great improvement in this neighborhood if it was more community activities.
Lots of crime and drugs here.
My area is high in violence and needs to be improved. There's a lot of killing, robbery, and sexual assault. Drug selling and handling is also high in this area. It's scary walking around at night and it's very dangerous. Police are always around searching and lingering around.
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It is not safe to walk on your own, no matter what time of day
It is a very rough neighbourhood, mixed in with a college campus, can be very dangerous
This area lets say has crime almost everyday.
The area does have a lot of theft and shootings in the area; however Just maybe 2 miles from where I live the neighborhood is very peaceful. I soon hope to move over there.
Not much crime, according to my knowledge. But I can hear sirens and helicopters around often, and sometimes at night there seems to be someone banging the trash cans and make loud noises.
It's an okay neighborhood. Some neighbors are actually pretty nice. However, I wouldn't choose to live here in the future because it's messy-there's trash all over the street from nowhere.
Mostly the older/elderly are kind but the "younger" people here are very petty, mean, and stuck-up. They tend to give you attitude for no reason. Many people here tend to involve themselves in drug activity and you tend to see those who do them at night time, so beware. The community is mostly to themselves, which isn't an issue for me. Schools tend to not get much support from families around here too much.

They're very open to pets, as some will want to play or pet them but some aren't very kind to them.
It has it's moments when it's okay but for the most part, it's going down the crapper. Property isn't really kept up and the people hear do things that wouldn't make a pedestrian safe. Crime gets bad around the transportation depot at night. Jobs are very limited here. So, if could, I would not live here again.
The community does not get along with the campus community living within their area and it causes a great deal of tension.
It's not a safe area but our campus security works with the Philadelphia police department to attempt secure surroundings.
I live on campus in the area, however walking around the neighborhood is warned against to all incoming students because of how dangerous the area may be at night and when one is alone.
It used to be quiet but now more people are getting shot or shot at.
I say it is bad, I say this because the convinces. The convinces of public transportation, corner store and government assistance makes majority of the people in the world very lazy and not want to work. There's people in the country who prefer to stay home and collect government assistance because it is less work and for what ever their reason for collecting government assistance is their excuse of why their life is going int that direction
I love the area I live in, but over time the people and crimes are getting worse. The crimes aren't small and simple anymore they are huge and its expanding all over the nation.
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We get pretty average weather here. Nothing too severe.
I don't go out much but from what I've seen, theres a lot of places for people to go clubbing and eating/drinking at at all hours of the day.
Most of the people keep their houses looking nice, with a few exceptions. The abandoned place are being built up again after sitting for so long. However, if you go a few blocks down, the houses are abysmal.