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Oceanway is located in the 32218 area code for Jacksonville, Fl.
I have only lived in the area for a six months now and see that there is a lot of upgrades being constructed. The stores at River City Town Center are conveniently located to address all needs. I had a decent experience with the Public School System, I am from a small town so the desire for a smaller school system is my ideal for my family style. I think the teacher to student ratio in too high for quality and efficient education. My son is in Kindergarten and is one of 25 students in his class with one teacher. I have not had any issues with crimes or safety in my area. I loved this side of the Jacksonville. It provides the country living with a mix of city life convenience.
My neighborhood is nice but there are areas in Jacksonville that needs improvement
In the 10 years that we've lived in this location, there has been very little police activity in my neighborhood. We have several officers who live on our street and near our home, and that has helped tremendously to encourage positive behavior.
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We love our home, neighborhood, and neighbors. We moved here when I was a child and it was fun to play outside, however since my sister and I are teenagers and all of our friends live across town... we no longer like living far from our school, friends, and social gathering locations. I wish we could pick up our house and move it to new area code!
Some areas have a higher crime rate than others and I wouldn't be caught in them, but others still seem very old school. Kids playing in the streets, doors open, cars unlocked.
The city I live in is thriving yet still rural in many areas. We are close enough to the beaches but we still have a great downtown nightlife.
It is average not terrible but not fantastic.
Most of the employment in Northside Jacksonville, FL is through fast food chains and family operated businesses. Soon though, Shands will be opening another hospital in River City Marketplace which will open more employment opportunities. But better jobs are about 15-45 minute drive away, usually in Southside.
Arby's, Taco Bell, Pollo Tropical, Panda Express, Sticky Fingers, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, and several other restaurants are close by. Any type of food, we pretty much cover it. Green Papaya is a popular Thai cuisine that many people enjoy. There's no clubs near by, but most restaurants have a sports bar inside. BJ's is the biggest restaurant that we have which is located in River City Marketplace.
Just down the road from where I live we have Dick's Wings, KT Pizza, Subway, and a Sushi place. And about a 10 minute drive you can reach River City Market Place where there several stores to shop and places to eat. The area is still developing and growing rapidly.
The police does there job, and respond fairly quickly. Minor crimes are somewhat common that are caused by local thugs. And one person was arrested for illegally growing marijuana in his house, which no one knew, not even myself, he seemed like a nice Hispanic gentleman. We have our few major crimes just like anywhere else. But the neighborhood overall is really safe, even at night. I never had an issue walking around and exercising ever since I was in middle school.
it's hard to find a job sometimes but it pays off.