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What I like about ocean view is no problems happens here during my 24 years here experience , and i enjoy the restaurants and shops just 2 blocks north of the neighbor on Ocean Ave. Whole Foods, 24 Hour fitness, some very good Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese restaurants as well as burger joints Beep Burgers!.
People are always in the park nearby, thats where they hold little league soccer tournaments and baseball tournaments. So in that area if kind of low.
Nearby bus areas, close to school, big hills, guaranteed to get a work out just by walking.
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The police are never around when my neighbors become active in the middle of the night.
I do not like my neighbors and I wish to move as soon as possible.
i love san francisco and everything about it
Crime has been diminishing, not much violence.
Ok houses, don't see a problem.
Long term folks living around. Not too much to say about it.
I come home late and leave early, not once have I ever encountered any crime. Feels safe because there are always cars and people around.
Its a great area, next to many stores and transportation (high way close by and public transport). Great for people who enjoy a cold atmosphere.
It's alright, but i think I would prefer to live in a small cabin instead of the city. its just annoying to me. But SF is a nice city f I had to choose.
Since this neighborhood is within a large city, it is hard to participate in outdoor activities.
I feel safe most of the time because I have established a partnership with the community.
This neighborhood has always made me feel safe and like I have a part in the community.
This neighborhood had the most fog in the city.
Most jobs in the city are offered in other areas. People just commute to work if necessary.
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Over the years restaurants have been slowing fading out. I sometimes have to go to other neighborhoods to get good food.
Everything I need is in my area. I do not have to go very far to get anything.