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Ocean park is a safe neighborhood that caters to anyone and everyone, including families and students. It's just a short distance to the beautiful Santa Monica beach and is home to great restaurants and boutiques!
Because Santa Monica has its own police force separate from Los Angeles the police area able to be more effective. I have not had a bad experience with the police in santa monica other than them being bored and ticketing people for basically no reason. I do feel safe here though because the police are very visible and I have never had a problem with violence or crime.
This area is well kept and nice, I feel safe enough to go for a jog after sunset etc. There has never been any parking or ticketing issues for me in this area which is nice. Its a little bit quieter here even though we have neighbors and busy street close by. I see this area just getting more and more expensive to live. However, rent control is in effect in this area and that helps with rents going up drastically. I see more businesses coming into this area and it getting "cleaned up" even more. Because I am close to the beach and to shopping and restaurants and still have a neighborhood feel I am very happy with the location.
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For the most part, there isn't too much crime, though every one and a whole there is a big thing that many people get active about. It seems like everything is controversial.
Santa Monica is in the heart of a popular, diverse community, which I love. I have access to do many different cities and environments. The only bad thing is the traffic.
I feel very safe walking around my neighborhood during the day and at night.
It is great living here, you can go to the beach, experience the pier, go biking, visit local farmers market, the opportunities are endless.
I really appreciate the question