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It's pretty safe in this suburban area, especially compared to some of the urban areas I've lived. There is little to no crime, although there are some petty thefts and break-ins and some “trouble” and graffiti from teenagers.
I love this area! The weather's great (climate best by government test) and it has a prime location that is close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The people are friendly, many of the schools are nationally ranked, and the population is very diverse. There are so many cultures and countries represented in the Bay Area, which means exposure to different types of food, dance, and clothing. There is always something going on and it's a center for art, technology, music, sports, education, and progress.
I know there are some crime happening in this are but I know there's not enough to feel unsafe.
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It is the best area. Everything is nearby! The DMV, stores, the courthourse, everything!
Its right in the middle of Silicon Valley.
I like the housing situation.