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I have seen a few crime notices from the apartment complex. I personally have never had any issues. Plus, I like to run at night and have never felt unsafe.
I've been in the area for almost 9 years now. It's close to most major malls, and great restaurants. I love it. Very peaceful.
Police have always responded when I have called, however never seem to be able to do anything about the problem. (especially if it involves African American people). The first thing they ask is to describe the perpetrator, what happened and what direction they went. The moment African American is said they say "we'll see what we can do" and they leave. We have had shootings, robbery, front doors kicked in and assaults. Our apartment management does nothing about it. We have no on site security at all.
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We are moving at the end of this month due to crime. We have had to call the police a dozen times within the last 6 months. I was attacked at the mailbox at 2:30 in the afternoon, we had an attempted home invasion by 2 men, I was viciously verbally attacked by my neighbor for having a cat. Management of our apartment are slumlords. I want better for my child, which is why I'm getting an education to provide a safer environment. My daughter is a special needs girl who does not progress in her classes but instead they mainstream her. In the 3rd grade her vocabulary words are kindergarten level, math is 1st grade level and reading is 2nd grade level. I have taught her more at home then she has learned at school, which is supposed to be one of the best districts in Dallas.
We get alerts during high crime times, so there is crime here.
It is expensive and getting even more expensive.
The area is fullof people from alot of different places its the area when u first move to texas thats where you stop which causes that are to be both good and bad because there are alot of different personialties and backgrounds in that one area
I moved to a great neighborhood with many friendly neighbors.
I have only lived here for less than a month but it is a beautiful area, the people are very kind, and it is very close to the University of Texas at Dallas where I am attending.
I would love to raise my future family here.
We just had 5 break-ins into our apartments' complex. Police presence increased dramatically in response. I feel safer now.
People are busy with their lives, but when we see each other we smile friendly and say "hi". People tend to live here reallyblong because the area looks nice and it is considered safe. The area is pet friendly, and there are different zones where you can walk tre pets. As for community events, I do not have so much time to involve, but there is not sonmuch advertising either, since I did not hear about them organizing something.
The neighborhood here includes really expensive houses. You do not see so often houses for selling because people like this area. There are some affordable renting options though, with a price a little higher than other areas, but if you want safety and quiet, than I think the raport between quality and price is great.
I feel safe to run after 10 pm. There aren't any homeless people in this area, and people here demand a higher level of living, so they behave accordingly. There is always a police car going around the neighborhood, and I think that helps a lot.
The weather is the best one for me. It's always warm or hot, and my wardrobe includes shorts and t-shirts. The problem is that during the winter people are not used to drive in icing conditions, but those are for only 3-4 days in a row. Sometimes the humidity is very high, and sometimes it does not rain for a whole week, but overall I like this climate.
There are many restaurants depending on everyone's taste. I personally like Italian food, and I can find either expensive or more affordable restaurants. It is great. You can save eating good food, and maybe once every other week you can find a more fancy restaurant.
The employment rate is pretty good if you have a degree in what you want to do. Businesses in this area require that. Other than that, anybody can work at a restaurant or fast food ;)).
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The big businesses sometimes are located in big buildings that make you feel they are fancy and too expensive, and the local stores sometimes do not have everything you want.
I actually don't know much about this area.
I haven't seen any public transportation at all.