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The city or neighborhood is not good for safety.
Not the greatest place, especially for a family of four the space was small.
The community seek ways to decrease crime rates.
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It is a beautiful place with so much activities.
Living in Chicago is beautiful but as a youth everyday I feel I could possibly lose my life due to all the gang violence that takes place here. Its scary to think that as a child living here you may not make it to see the age 18, or even see college. Not even just that we are labeled one of the murder capitols of America. People don't even call Chicago by its name, most people call it "Chi-raq" because of all the deaths. For me that is very scary to live in, and everyday I can't wait to get out of here. I love my hometown of course but I'd love to see it improve. I'd love to see government officials stand up and make our city great again. Change is all Chicago needs.
The parks, the Exercising track and field for sports and the fact that I live by the lakefront is the best attraction but other than that there isn't much attraction.
There is a mixture and sad to say the " Ghetto " people will always stick out and even make us civilized folk look bad. I am a Black American and I have manners and I am also a young mother at the age of 22. It really does effect the community with how people carry themselves and their children
Now a days everything is based upon who you know and if you don't have that luxury of knowing

anyone that can help you land employment then its a task. I don't feel that companies should make

it so hard for people to gets jobs because it is sometimes possible to miss good talent.
For the most part the weather here is great, there is nothing to really worry about.
The housing is very safe and everyone is friendly.
There are bin almost in every store when you can recylce.
There are many job opportunity's in the area and its easy to hear ways on how to find a job.
This area has a wide variety of diversity and for the most part people tend to get along.
This area is okay but sometimes it can become a problem.
In the future I can see a lot happening with the neighborhood.
For the most part this neighborhood is in good condition and there is renovation going on like everyday.
The transportation is pretty good for the most part.There is hardly a time when everything is crowded and your sitting in your car for hours.
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In the area there are many places were you can exercise and some stores offer healthier options.
I feel that if you need something, there is a store in this area that can help and you wouldn't have to travel across town to get what you need.
If there was ever a case, and you were to call for help the representative in the area are caring and would be there in a flash.