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Extremely safe neighborhood. Ever since I started living here I haven't heard of a single crime. Pet friendly, kid friendly, family friendly, and an overall good community.
I grew up here, went to Oakhurst Elementary, and even started my first landscaping business in high school here. I still currently live here and all I can say is Oakhurst has started becoming more like it’s next door neighbourhood, Grier Heights. A lot of Grier Town has started seeping into our neighborhood and now it’s rare to see children playing outside but halfway houses are becoming more frequent. Honestly I loved growing up here, all of my earliest friends came from here however if I were moving here now I would overlook our neighbourhood as unfortunate as it may sound, crime is up and I’m afraid the neighbourhood has taken a turn for the worst.
It depends where you look. Some houses look a little dumpy, as their owners are older or most likely don't care about outside appearances. Other houses are quite nice, some newly made or others masterfully renovated. There are nice lawns and slightly overgrown ones, but sometimes that deals with different kinds of grass and how quickly it has to be cut. There are one or two abandoned properties around, but the vast majority of them are occupied. Housing seems fairly priced, but property prices are rising slightly as newer houses are built.
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I regrettably do not have as much interaction with my community as I should have. I am at college for much of my day and I come home in the evenings. People always wave if you wave to them, dog walkers are abundant and everyone loves planting small plots at the local neighborhood garden. I do not really know the inner workings of the community, but whenever I do make it to a community event the people seem nice enough. A few expressed interest in my lawn business that I ran for several summers.
I have not seen a large amount of crime in my area. There are police cruisers that often patrol my neighborhood or the surrounding roads, and I have seen flashing lights before but never guns drawn or anything violent. There are the few vandals that are around that very occasionally graffiti a sidewalk or two but other than that the area is fairly quiet.
I love living in the Charlotte area because it's become such a thriving place to be. There are new houses, restaurants and office buildings going up all over the place. Roads are being repaved, trees are being planted and people are generally friendly. I feel safe and at home in my community.