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The community is very family friendly and offers many parks and recreation centers. I look forward for renovations to the community pool and maybe renovations of the parks which have seen some wear and tear.
Worcester police are great at what they do i see people getting busted all the time. Everytime i go on social media i see articles on how the police confiscates all kinds of fire arms, and how they discover crime rings. Like i said The police department here in worcester are great at what they do, so yes i feel safe here. No concerns
Obviously there are some bad areas like anywhere else in the world but for the most part Worcester is a decent place to grow up.

I would choose to live here again i have had great times here, and iv met wonderful people.

I see the city slowly progressing now, theres construction on every street. The community is more active i see alot of out reach, also see youth getting more involved in positive projects.
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I have lived in this area for about 15 years, and as the years have gone by, the state and town have gotten better and better. My town is a college town where you see a lot of diversity which i really like. There is alot of nature and trees and the way the city looks and is maintained makes my town a better experiance. If i could go back, i would chose to live here again but maybe not for 15 years. there are other places to live and explore.
Reasonable, I think but I haven't needed to call on police so can't speak too much to that.
Better outdoor facilities that are family friendly would be great. Hiking trails minus creepy people hanging out, thank you!
There could be better public services and better advertisement of those services
Because this in New England, we get the best and worst of the weather. I personally don't mind it and cherish the sunny days in both winter and summer despite the cold or heat, but I know some aren't so keen to it... but they should seriously consider moving or finding a better coping mechanism.
Meh. Really, there's not to much to write home about. There are some interesting locals to go to, but no place that is consistently good.
It's likely better then what's around here because it's a city, but not spectacular.
There's definitely some places I want to bring friends to when they visit, but there is nothing that is consistently good. There's no place where everyone wins because the options are varied and delicious. It's disappointing. There is occasionally a diamond in the rough, but I then frequent the joint and the food/service becomes sub-par.

Hoping for better. And soon!
we have somewhat good public service
I like ti mind my business and do what I got to, to improve my life
not everyone has a good heart and cares for others
the are many places around my area to eat drink and have a good time.
people are hiring but I feel like they are very picky about who they want to work for them.
some stores can care less about the way there store smells ,how well organized they are, and just want to make money so they can care less who they sell there products to
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Worcester, like other cities in Ma, has been trying to increase its job availability for a few years. Many of the fast food chains are consistently hiring new employees but typically, if you want something above that, its hard to find. Most people in Worcester are involved in education system. This ranges from school bus drivers, to teachers, to administrative staff.
There are many restaurants and bars that offer fine dining and drinks for nights out or lunch breaks. They mostly cater to business men and women. There are a few kid-friendly restaurants in the area (if you want something more than fast food chain).

The balance between chain companies and mom-and-pop shops is lacking. It is mostly your typical retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Marshalls and the like.

You will usually find what you are looking for in Worcester. If not, there is a lovely mall in Marlborough (about 25 minutes by car)
The homes in my neighborhood are the old-style 3 family houses. Most of the homes are occupied but a few are boarded up. The majority of the houses and their yards are not in bad shape. Costs range from $500 to $950 per month. Usually utility costs are not included.