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I feel really safe here.
We love living here. the neighborhood is wonderful!
I love where I live most of the time. It's easy to access multiple highways. You're not far from anything that you need or want storewise.
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rarely does anything every happen. It is usually just dumb teens getting into minor trouble.
The house are beautiful and unique. They all have a big front yard and an even bigger back yard. The neighborhood are great, not too noisy and the neighbor are really nice.
I don't really have any complaints. I always loved where I lived.
Well, I always loved a good rain. You get beautiful storms here. I lived in Kansas city for over 10 year and have yet to experience a tornado. The only thing you experience is a thunderstorm. Some pretty awesome ones too.
Kansas city is know for its restaurants. It has greeaaattt food!!! There are bars everywhere for the young and restless and the older and calm. Its the best of both worlds.
There is a lot of employment opportunities. Its a growing and developing community. There will be more jobs to come.
I can literally find everything I need here. The have those unique small mom and pop stores and they also have a lot of retail chains and restaurant chains people love. There is a lot of entertainment around this area.
It is very bad in terms of things to do for a kid.
It is very nice outside. I see people exercising all the time.
There are different kids of people from the world.
There are nice places, but not too original.
There is hardly any crime,people dive fast at night
it is not cheap, but a wonderful place to raise kids.
you have a degree,then you should find a great job
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There are some family stores, but mostly big stores