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There have been many improvements in the businesses of the neighborhood overall, but I think it would be nice for the city to get involved with fixing up homes and cleaning up the neighborhood. Many homes are run down and there seems to be little invlovement to encourage the maintence of the area.
The amount of theft in this area is outrageous. We have had to replace our recycling and trash bins four times in two years. Neighbors warned us anything that isn't bolted down will probably become missing. The amount of respect for fellow neighbors is virtually gone, loud music at all hours of the night and trash all over the streets.
There are many parts of the world were there is murder, theft, and a large percent of homeless people. It's not that bad of a place, by any means. But the crime level is slowly growing, and the quality of the homes and roads in this area are diminishing fast. We have dogs with certain restrictions, so living in a neighborhood like this is our only option for the next few years until we are able to finish school, and buy a home. I see a lot more run down homes, and crime in the future for this area.
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Living in Des Moines isn't a terrible place to live . Its typically known as a quiet, layed back city, although it has gotten worse over the years with violence due to many individuals moving here from surrounding states. Seeing friends of mine getting shot over money or drugs or anything else is not ok. We need to protect our people and our city and keep all the unnessasary violence out so we as the people can grow into a bigger and greater community.