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Oak lawn is an amazing place to live and party for young professionals who are involved in the LGBT community. The entire neighborhood is a very safe center for any one who thinks they may not be accepted. Everyone loves everyone equally.
Parking leaves something to be desired, but there are so many easily accessible places in this area, you never need to leave your neighborhood. The patrons and service industry professionals are all friendly and welcoming. Safe beautiful quiet neighborhoods with tree lined streets. A bustling exciting night life is just around the corner.
There are a lot of nice areas in Oak Lawn with friendly people. It is very convenient to shopping, dining, downtown, etc. Pretty much anything you need is very close by. The only problem is, like most of Dallas, there are some areas close by that are not as nice. Oak Lawn is pretty walkable, but as you are walking you will see litter and homeless people.
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I wouldn't have it any differently.
The housing area is great. Our house is very affordable for my family's income and we have more than enough space needed for everyone.
The community around my neighborhood is amazing. A vast majority of us know each other and when there is new people coming into our neighborhood, we welcome them.
They only seem to be around after a crime has been committed.
If I had another choice, I would not be living here. My mom, sister, and I live in this area due to financial hardship. It is pretty dangerous and we live in constant fear.
The crime and safety in my area will be okay. I'm really in between bad and okay because our crimes are somewhere bad last year there was like two people killed in the store a cross the street the other person who got killed it was two blocks away from were I lived. It even came out in the news. One of my examples will be that we got robbed we called the police but they got to my apartment like one or two ours latter. That's not really good.
My overall experience of my area is great. I like my locations because everything is closed by me. When I didn't have a car I used to go to the little store across the street , if I was hungry there's a Jack in The Box in front of the gas station next to my apartments . There's also a park just two blocks a way there's restaurants were family's can go . The only thing I didn't like about the park is that there used to be homeless people and a lot of trash, well know I have seen a change is more cleaner than 2-3 years ago and less homeless people. The other thing I like about were I live is that most of the people knows each other. Yes of course we not a perfect neighborhood, but over the years we have gotten better . Know we have new Apartments new people coming in. The most thing I like about my location is that I live closed by Down Town Dallas.
The crime and safety around this area is just great, because there is not many crimes or violations that occur in the area. I feel safe as this neighborhood rarely have any problems.
Around where I live, would be a general enjoyable area to live. At first this place is great due to having an elementary school and middle school nearby, as well as a park for kids and others to play on. I wouldn't like to see much changes as this area is peaceful.
There are people constantly trying to steal. Police are always visible but not when something happends. There are a lot of homeless people all around this area. You can not stop for gas without being asked for money. Most of the streets here never see cops pass by only on main streets.
Overall I do not live in the most safe neighborhood. There is no securty to our vehicles and there are constantly people trying to steal. A lot of the houses and apartments are being bought and torn down, to build condos. The weather is very random and harsh at times. I dont mind living in this area because I was raised here sence I was brought here from Mexico. However, I would really want to live in a condo or somewhere with some type of secuity.
The city's clean. Great for families but if you're looking for a metropolitan atmosphere, it does not compare to the culture and diversity that's available in NYC/Chicago/San Francisco.
I am a recent resident and I'm obviously pretty open minded also so I see new things everyday. Better days are to come it's all in God's plan.
The only issue around my area is excessive littering
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It's quiet but often there are people doing illegal things.
The weather isn't bad, it changes quick
It's restaurants are fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds, Jack in the Box ect.