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My family always feels safe in Newton. The police, fire and municipal workers keep us very safe.
We lived in Newton for over 20 years. Although there have been changes over the years, it really hasn't changed much in terms of quality of life, however has done a good job keeping up with changing demographics and economics. This is a great place for working moms and dads to raise a family. Great schools, team sports, convenience of getting around for parents and kids as they grow older - and still feel like you are in a someone suburban neighborhood. Newton is the perfect size with accessibility to Boston and all the cultural advantages of Boston. I have lived in Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville, New York and the Detroit area. Although there are many advantages of all of these cities, Newton is safe, still pretty and easy to live in. Weather is a significant factor whether we will stay here. I see the future continuing to be bright and sustain its allure.
The crime rate is extremely low and has been for many years.
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The community is very family based. I go to college here so on the weekends many students go out into Boston. Overall its a good and safe area.
Lots of history in Newton, especially because it is so close to Boston. There are lots of local shops and parks and historical areas to hang out in or view historical points of interest. People are attracted to the area because of the great friendly community and the vicinity to Boston I would say.
Community is very important. Since it's such a big city, even though it's a suburb of Boston, there's an emphasis on uniting the different ethnicities, personalities and families in the area. There are constantly celebrations of the large Jewish cultures, Asian cultures, and also celebrations of the arts, the writing, and the talent in the area. It's a little split sometimes, because the North and South ends of the city are a little separated and split, but the city works hard to make special features of community.
Lots of focus and emphasis on local businesses here! Lots of variety and support for the local businesses, and they're definitely high quality local clothes, trinkets, and food!
Lots of variety, especially because of the variety of ethnicities living in this city. There are a good amount of chain stores all over and nearby and accessible. Definitely a lot of local and ethnic cuisines as well. The city does a good job maintaining the local atmosphere, event with the accessibility of chains.
Newton has consistently ranked as a very safe and well protected city. Like any city, we have a rare little crime here and there, but I feel safe and comfortable with the atmosphere and the people around the city. The police are always pretty visible and available if anything should be needed.