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I love that Oak Forest is family orientated. It also is so close to everything! You have two malls within 20mins of you. The same goes for the 2 community colleges. It's a great neighborhood if you have children! And there is always something going on in the community.
I wish things could be better
Everything in my neighborhood is normal
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I have recently moved to the community, and so far it is awesome!
No matter where I go, the police are visible and watching. It is amazing how they are able to stay on track and keep up with the community. When I'm at my college, and I'm walking around campus, there are always police officers circling the campus, making sure that the students are safe and out of harm's way.
My college is in this area, and it's amazing!
Overall a safe and quiet location. Close to everything and most people are nice.
its a nice area with room to grow.
The experience in this area is not good too much killing
can be a whole lot better
for it to be a low budget city they wont to much for the houses. Its Arkansas!
I feel that here in little rock are so many people don't have jobs and are looking.
It's okay but can be better!
Streets could be better maintained.
It could be worse but with more police visible and contact with the neighborhood crime would decrease.
We mainly have two seasons, hot and cold, not much in between.
There are not a lot nightclubs in the area
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No high end jobs but there are a lot of retail jobs in the area.
I can get everything I need in my area but traffic is horrible.
A new police station was recently built in the neighborhood so I feel good about that.