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It's a quiet neighborhood, however what goes on in the neighborhood isn't, there's drugs in the homes, and possibly prostitution. The police come hours later and the crime might've been committed 11am
The overall area is horrible, there's a lot of crime drugs, prostitution, and murders. The schools are title one schools and aren't beneficial to any of the children not even cognitive thinking, there's no jobs, there's no new business. The location is poverty stricken, and the governer of Charlotte, North Carolina aren't putting any money into the schools.
There wasnt a lot of crime that was in the area when I was there
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I am not from the state nor area. When I lived there it was quiet. No problems or issues with neighbors. Everyone stays to themselves.
To be honest I'm not exactly certain how I feel about the employment or the overall job outlook in this area
Food Lion is up the street from me and the cashiers are all friendly and helpful; CVS is also very close to me and I'm not crazy about the wait time but the staff is always friendly and helpful
It's great because whenever there is an issue, the police and or ambulance get here fairly quickly.
I feel like it will always be the same.