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Irvine is a very safe place. I walk and drive around late at night and I feel safe. The gated communities are very protected and even the un-gated communities are safe as well. I see several police cars drive around everywhere and I am not concerned that they are not doing poorly at their job.
Irvine is a very safe environment. I can walk around late at night and feel safe. The streets are clean and the grass is green and the roads are in very good conditions. The people are very friendly as well.
I feel very safe in the area, but I see police cars often violating rules on the street. For example, I once saw a police car turning at a stop sign without initiating the turn signal. Aside from these minor details, the overall safety level of this area is extremely high. This is my third year living in Irvine, but I have never witnessed a crime scene. The police is visible, especially around the school parking area, and I see one or two police cars in the school parking lot more often than not.
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I really like this area, especially for the variety of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to choose from. I feel so safe living in this area that my friends and I always talk about the "Irvine bubble". I would choose to live here again, because of its safety and cleanness. The roads are smooth, and the street-view is pretty too. I used to live in Atlanta during my elementary years, and I still remember how wet the climate was. Weather-wise, Irvine is sunny and a pleasant area to live in.
we are the number one safest city in the united states.
housing in the community is awesome and the housing all look the same but are spacious.
The sense of community in irvine is great. super pet friendly and has awesome parks. the great park is to die for.
Love the overall experience in irvine. everyone is friendly and helpful.
Irvine is well centralized therefore it is easy accessible to reach high end shops of your choosing.
public service men may have to much time on their hands like the police man. but regards to the safest city it is great.
Irvine, is a small town in California compared to the big cities. It is well centralized and can get to any touristy attraction of your pleasure.