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I lived in Oak cliff for most of my life. I was also very sheltered from my neighborhood by my mom, but many of my friends that I had in middle school are now teen adults many of them.
Oak cliff is awesome. Diverse, interesting, pretty, and quieter than the rest of the city. It is changing though.
I think Oak Cliff could use more healthy eateries, such as vegan, gluten free and diet friendly restaurants. I have lived in Oak Cliff all my life and it has always been a dry area. I do love how we keep the culture alive here but there is way too much development happening that is taking away those attributes.
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Oak Cliff has a very interesting dynamic to it. Despite some negative aspects, normally observed in many other neighborhoods, Oak cliff has culture like no other. Composed of many cultures, Oak Cliff becomes a hub for food, fun, and cultural opportunities.
I recommend living this area because the neighbors are nice and friendly. People usually host events for our neighborhood which are fun. Houses are affordable and nice to live in.
Oak Cliff is a historic neighborhood in Dallas, Tx. It has beautiful and old buildings. Nowadays its filled with gang members and shooting. It doesn't have the best reputation but I don't care because it is where I grew up, it's the only place i've ever known.
I enjoy living in oak cliff, i can ride my bike around my neighborhood, have visits from my friend and simply walk down the street for a snack. I can honestly say I can spend the day outside without a problem, i have friendly neighbors who have never made my family or i feel unsafe. As for what i would like to see change, it would have to be the streets that seem to look pretty damaged.
I like how affordable it is to live in Oak Cliff. It is also convenient, important places that you need are usually located very close to where you live. It is usually a hit or miss when it comes to schools. Public schools could use better financials and management, especially grade schools.
I like the area, just not so much my neighbors its so conveniently close to every thing makes commutes easy and has everything I need.
I love the quiet and friendly atmosphere. However, I love to see more togetherness is the community and better streets because the streets are a tad rough.
Oak Cliff has been my home since I was born. Initially this neighborhood held a negative reputation due to conflicting matters. However, Oak Cliff has come a long way and is continuing to grow and thrive as a community. It is now a place that I feel safe to live in. In addition to, the neighborhood is expanding and becoming more modernized in an attempt to appeal to a younger community. Another benefitting factor is the fact that downtown Dallas is a short 10-15 minute drive away. Due to the positive changes made towards a positive direction, I would recommend students and those seeking a permanent residence to consider the neighborhood of Oak Cliff.
I love the city. We live a little closer to the Bishop Arts District of the city, and I would not change it for the world. They only reason I give it 4 stars is because of it being an "up-and-coming" area. By this I mean that it still has a little work to be done and that is all. The people here are amazing and I would not change it for anything.
Oak Cliff is a really good neighborhood. Great place for people who are looking for a different exerience and want to know new people. Although Oak Cliff is a developing neighborhood it has a lot to offer such as, amazing parks, different recreation centers, and diverse restaurants. Moreover, you might not find fancy places to hang out but this is mostly because the poeple who lives there are low-income families and can not afford many luxuries. But I think that if the city of Dallas helps a little bit with recreation and streets repairs Oak Cliff can grow and offer more to tourists.
I grew up in Oak cliff all my life. My neighbors are older people and they look out for my neighborhood to keep it clean and keep violence out.
It's a great place to live. There are now more restaurants, luxury apartments and other venues you can visit to relax and have fun.
I would not say it is the best part of Dallas but it is definitely home like. Not particularly in my neighborhood however in my family members`, everyone knows each other around the neighborhood. When there are birthday parties or special occupations, nine time out of ten there will be someone you know whether it is a neighbor or a student from the near by school.
Oak Cliff has definitely changed in the past 5 years but it has all been for the better. I love that oak cliff continues to have lots of small business owners because I think that is what makes it different from other parts of Dallas.
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Well , growing up in OakCliff I had it more easier than some others. A few people I grew up with had hard lives and they had to do some illegal things to help get them by unlike myself. No Matter the neighborhood I lived in my father still made a way for us to have a good life.
Growing up in oak cliff has been really cool. I really enjoy going to the park with my niece every single day of the week.
I like Oak Cliff because of its pride. Anybody from Oak Cliff will identify themselves with a simple "Oak Cliff!" yell. The comunity could improve if the areas of turism would not invade the areas of local residency, because that would take away Oak Cliff pride.