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Norview Heights is home--I've grown up there since I was 6. Peaceful, working class neighborhoods with decent people of all origins and backgrounds trying to best provide for themselves and their families. Has good schools, and a rich history.
I love Norview. I have lived in this community for over 24 years in two different homes. The community is growing with new and renovated house all the time. it is close to the highway and airport.
The police ride through often, but they don't bother the criminals as long as they are out of the way. I heard a guy the other night who was standing in a parking lot smoking weed with his friends say that the police won't bother them if they are in the parking lot, and I've witnessed this to be true because there is a lot of loitering due to drug and gang activity but the police don't seem to be doing anything about it--as long as they stay out of the way.
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There's a lot of crime here. My car has been broken into twice in the 3 plus years I've lived here. There's shootings and robberies in the news for this areas at least once a month. I know there are worse areas to live in than here, though. I cannot see myself living here all my life. However living in this areas has been a great learning experience to me because I learned a lot of street smarts.
The area is not as bad as it is in many other parts of Norfolk, but it is definitely not one in which I want to raise my children.
Neighbors are rude and inconsiderate. There children run free unsupervised in the streets. people leave trash in the streets.
It's not terrible, but there is a lot too improve.