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Northeast Park Hill Reviews

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I love the family friendly atmosphere as well as the diversity in terms of the ethnic breakdown of the neighborhood. One other area that park hill excels in is its access to top tier schools. Macullif middle school and East high school are acclaimed city wide and are both in the home school district of Park Hill
I love Park Hill neighborhood! There is a recreational center which includes an indoor pool and a gym for $20 a month in the neighborhood, there are several parks to enjoy the CO weather at and the blazing chicken shop is a treat and only a short walk away from my house. There is some gang violence that continues to over shadow the many amenities of this wonderful neighborhood but I haven't been shot yet, so I'm staying!
Born and raised in Park Hill. I wouldn't change anything. Too much has changed already. Ginger fication has changed the neighborhood dramatically compared to 10 years ago. But with that being said there isn't another neighborhood I would want to raise my children in.
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It was great living in that area. Close to everything you need and easy commute downtown. Buses run fairly often too.
This neighborhood is one I have lived in since I was growing up, it has definitely changed and grown over time. Growing up all the kids would play on the wooden playground and everyone would complain about wooden splinters, now we have a metal play ground. Love this neighborhood.
I love living here! It is a great family neighborhood as well as young singles! I love having so many options close to home. I feel safe and enjoy meeting my neighbors!
This area has seen a lot of changes starting with the Stapleton shopping area and various businesses popping up. The newest addition is the A train to DIA. The City of Denver removed the dumpsters so I have seen less dumping in the alleys around my home, which is nice.
Using Niche is a great experience, everything on the site is streamlined and user-friendly. Definitely a new go-to.
A lot of homeless and sketchy people to avoid
Great place to live, close to everything but out of the hustle and bustle
In close proximity the crime is minimal, but further East on MLK Jr. Boulevard it seems to be worse.
The area is growing, I'm not sure how this will affect the traffic, but the light rail should be built in a few years to help with the increase of residents.
Haven't needed police assistance really, which I take as a good thing and indicator of low crime.
Having lived here less than a year I am unaware of most of the things this survey asks about and can't speak on the direction the area is heading. I can say that I have no complaints thus far. I feel safe living here, it's a relatively quite neighborhood, the few neighbors I've spoken with seem friendly. Removing cost of housing from the equation I wouldn't mind continuing to live here.
The neighborhood is a well maintain there recreational parks and services all around. its a safe neighborhood for all i have seen but theirs talks theirs a lot of gangs in the area.
crime and safety are pretty good most of the time.
there is a lot of local business around my area, therefore it is not that bad is ok .
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the employment in this area is not so great. I see a lot of people struggling to find a job.
Everyone is very friendly and nice. There are more large company businesses in this area than there are small business owners. I would prefer to have small business ownere but with the higher cost at smaller business self own stores the rarity to go to these place are high. I occasionally go to these small business stores and they are very welcoming to customers.
Nothing too fancy or run down.