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I personally love living in this area. The downside is the crime rate and possible problems within the system and the police. However, I feel that that is relevant at the moment at any area.
There is a lot of breaking windows, like car windows. Other then that is pretty much it.
It's fine for me and my family. It's pretty much a quiet neighborhood. My house is a two bedroom and one bathroom. Its okay not the best, where I used to live before. There is a lot of insects, like cockroaches and bugs. However there some good things about my neighborhood, is that live in front of a hospital which I find convenient because if theres an emergency or not to bad incident, I could just cross the street and get helped. However me and my family do our best to make this house clean and perfect for us.
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Some areas are heavily populated with gangs that put at risk the environment of younger children. More afterschool programs should be made to keep young kids at school and off the streets. Public schools need to be properly funded to give a better learning experience to the middle and lower working class children.
Not living in the best area, they do what they can.
It's not considered the best, but it's not bad.
As I already said, our mailbox got broken. There was also an incident where my neighbor's car window was damaged when it was parked on the street.
I live near this church, where people get really noisy and loud from time to time. Our home mailbox got broken, but it's still not fixed. Apparently, there are lots of mailboxes being broken.
The area is very quiet and peaceful. Nothing much happens here.
The worst area is probably East San Jose, where minorities tend to live. Crime is high, as well as high school drop out rates. Houses are mainly in bad shape with unkept lawns and sidewalks. There definitely is abandoned properties where plants are taking over. There is always a gang of homeless dogs walking around, as well as road-kill here and there. Cost of housing is generally expensive for the low-income neighborhood it is.
I have seen our next door neighbors come and go. I hardly see a "community" surround me. Neighborhood has pets, but most are guard dogs that tend to get aggressive and violent when approached.
For one, every week, a stolen car shows up somewhere in my neighborhood. Doesn't get towed or taken until a month later. Shootings happen often, as well as police closing down streets because of bad incidents/accidents. There is no "SLOW" signs in the area, for speeding driver. There is no speed bumps as well. I once called the police department regarding a potential shooting, no one ever showed up. My brother's bike are regularly stolen from our own backyard. Trash excels our streets as well as unkept sidewalks.
Mornings are usually hectic with everyone rushing off to work. You see independent work trucks speed off and mothers hastily walking their children to school. It is not a neighborhood where people bid you "good morning" or "good evening". At times, it is best to stay silent since gangs heavily influence some of the streets in my neighborhood. Neighbors do not pull out of their modern car garages, instead they take ten minutes to pull out of a cramped street, full of cars that no longer fit inside the homes' parking lot. At night, when the streets are silent, you can hear police sirens and dog parks at a near distance. I drive by my former elementary school where buildings are new and kids seem to be having a lovely time during recess. On occasion, I grab a trash bag and gloves to clean my side streets that are plagued with fast food left-overs and random trash. One can potentially find laughter at Emma Prusch park that is a couple of blocks from my school. There, a farm awaits children and adults. As well as a local vegetable garden where markets are held each Saturday. Right in front of my home lies a large golf-course, encased inside a long black fence with a smooth green layer of grass that hugs it. I peer through now and then, as if prohibited from land. I would choose to live here over and over again because it reminds me of my home country, Mexico. It is certainly not a safe area but my family and I keep to ourselves and out of danger. I would like to see a community in my area, a large community that aides one another, like a family.
They are responsive, but I'm not sure if effective.
The atmosphere filled w/ loud music. Hard sleeping
There isn't much bad crimes around my area, but it is kind of getting there. However, where I live, police and emergency responders seem to be very reliable and quick to come.
I have to admit that my area has improven a lot. Many street roads got repaved. New businesses are popping up and seem to be doing well.
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Some responses are slow others timely. When police come, they come! Minimum three cops per call.
I love San Jose! It's a big city, you will never get bored here. There isn't too much traffic like in LA. The price of living here, however, is getting ridiculously expensive.
Crime in this area has been well kept to a minimum. However, recently, there seems to have been an increasing trend of noticeable crimes within the area, especially disappearances of high-school students.