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This area has wonderful food for great prices. The area is culturally diverse with a mix of college students and ordinary people making for a warm and intellectual feel. Some partying does occur in the area but it has never impacted my life and the neighborhood is quite peaceful.
The police are great and they are always visible and make me feel safe, but there is a lot of talk of mugging on North High Street, which is on campus so that is very concerning.
I have had a great experience at The Ohio State University and there is always something fun to do so living here is exciting and adventurous every day.
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The overall experience of the area is okay. It could use slight improvement.
This is a booming and growing community that i have grown to love. The accessibility of the city is amazing and all the different cultures interacting with each other makes this a great place to live.
many job opportunities for students
There are plenty of restaurants and clothing places to work at
There is a lot of crimes that happen in the area but once again its a college campus and it's hard to get around that in that type of community
Honestly the police are everywhere and in reach because its a college campus, and there are buses that travel everywhere but other than that I don't really know.
I lived in college apartments and the environment is exactly what you expect college to be, expensive living, looks of partying, and loud.