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Since the lack crime, many tourist come to visit and experience the old world architecture with the new world trends collide. The only crime I have witness personally in Soho tends to be done by drunks from nearby bars.
This is a great area to grow up in with its diverse population aiding to its uniqueness and accessibility to mass transit a real New York experience.
Trendy, overpriced, fun. Cheap delis are a lifesaver for the eternally broke like me, but affordable basics can be a bit hard to find. Even so, really fun stores to look around in, lots of pricey places with cheap events, a lot of local color.
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Currently I am unable to find a job due to lack of experience and time. I cannot commit to work 5 days a week, so I cannot take advantage of many openings.
It would be nice if the potholes are fixed.
You can always try something different.
There are different people everywhere. It's great.
There is always a lot of people walking around.
I feel very safe to walk back home late at night.
You don't ever hear about a car accident in this area.
To get to a park you have to walk a few blocks.
It is a nice community. It is kept quite neat.
Some people are healthy and some are not. There is a gym nearby.
There are plenty of grocery stores and local businesses, but they are a bit pricey for the average low income family.
There are plenty of retail opportunities, but I am majoring in Nursing, so I can count on my area to find a job.
I honestly do enjoy living here. It is calm and safe.