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I dont really have anything to complain about.
Very safe here . Do not know what else to say because nothing really happened here .
Love living here (even though I am only the au pair) but I am happy to live here and not somewhere else.
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I really like the summer but our last winter was hard to deal with since we had a lot of snow and even broke the record with 108.6 inches. SO very extreme especially since I am from Germany and we never had that much snow.
Big variety for different tastes.
My point of view is probalby for students or kids that are in school. They just look for a job so they have a little money but their jobs are usually not what they want to do in their future.
I am from germany so everything is different here but not in a bad way. Its different in a good way and I feel like whatever I need can be found without having to drive to far.
My town has a very nice outdoor environment. It is beautiful.
My town has been said to be one of the safest in the United States and even walking the streets in the dead of night I feel completely safe.
I live in a fortunate neighborhood in terms of public service. I have not noticed anything that needs improvement in that regard.
The weather here is good in terms of natural disasters however it is very cold and in these past few weeks has been very snowy and unpleasant.
I could certainly find a job here if I wanted to however I am interested in becoming an actor and a job here as an actor would probably not pay very well or take me very far.
Great Harvest is a great bread place. There are many nice small businesses.
Very safe place to live, but very expensive to live here.
Pretty good, but the compensation is not too great.
Things are pretty good, though frankly a bit too expensive.