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Tacoma has good schools and colleges. They are a were of climate change they do their part, like plastic bags that don't do nothing but sit in the land fills. Trying to get people to take a train to work in steady driving to work. To change is more help with the homeless.
It's easily walkable, but pretty sketchy in a lot of areas. I work until late in the night and am always nervous about walking home. Other than that, I love the culture and all the interesting people I've gotten a chance to network with and/or befriend.
New Tacoma is a great place to live with newer buildings, great schools and a more conservative group of people.
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I like that they have shopping centers and fitness facilities nearby. What I do not like is the damaged roads.
This was a high crime area but it has settled down. There are hardly any graffiti or vandalism and crime is low. The community here is great as they watch out for each other.
The location of where I live is great. I within walking distance to a park, great local grocery store, local businesses and restaurants. It is quite and very nice.
Safe is not a word you hear much in this neighborhood. There is a drug problem with the homeless that have set up camp.
I loved where I live when I first moved in. Although recently in the past several months there has been an increase in the homeless population right outside my front door.
There is excellent campus security that is on hands whenever you need them also, the Tacoma police officers are very reliable if you need assistance