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New Springville is a great area on the way up. The renovations done to the mall have opened many new opportunities for jobs.
New Springville is located in the heart of Staten Island. It is also home to the Staten Island Mall which attracts so many people. Have been a resident in this town for my whole life, I have seen it all. The crime rate is very low compared to other areas. In addition, the town is well-secured by the police presence. Affordability is questionable, but that is expected for a town that is so family-friendly.
Very over crowded. There are no spots on streets to park your car. People are rude. Neighbor not as safe anymore
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A fairly quite area in Staten Island, New Springville is a great, family-friendly area. There are a few restaurants in the neighborhood as well as a great mall close by. Public schools are located in the area as well as well as a pleasant few trails. The commute by car isn't too much of a hassle and the commute by bus is fairly simple with both the s44 and s59 reaching stops every 10 minutes.
I don't think there's ever been a big problem of crime.
I have lived here for about 9 years and it's not bad.
The crime in my community is little to none. Compared to other sectors of Staten Island this place is almost too quiet. Of course there are robberies here and there but the percentage of dangerous crime such as, murder and kidnapping is nowhere to be found here. Walking outside at night is something that people around my neighborhood don't have to think twice to do. The only reason alarms are necessary are for robberies that happen once in a blue moon. However if there ever was any suspicious activity then theres always someone who will report it immediately.
Theres an overall sense of calmness that prevails within the community. The houses are well-kept and maintained to almost perfection. The small parks that encompass the neighborhood are considered little havens to escape any of the problems you may have in the privacy of your own home. Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and any other accommodations that we may need are a 10 minute bus drive, or car ride away. This would be a delightful place to raise your children, there are parks that surround the neighborhood,and many other children friendly places which include swimming pools and trampoline places. Another aspect of my community that makes me certain that this place will thrive in the future is nature, there's a trail thats within walking distance and a golf course that spans around the community. Its a perfect combinations of nature and suburbia that not many places tend to have.
small theft in area, cars get broken in to, property if left outside gets stolen(bike, quads for example)
Great location, near everything from shopping, bus, mall, conveniently located to everything
all you really see in my area happening is robbery since i live in a upper middle class area and its a huge target to those that have the tendency to steal.
The area is very clean and friendly. there's a bus that stops right in back of my house that goes to commercial areas in manhattan.
It's a calm quiet nice neighborhood. The crime in the area seems to be nonexistent, and the neighbors are friendly. If I could choose to move here again then I would.
staten island could be better
It's great for a suburb within NYC
I would say this is the best area of Staten Island businesses, as the Mall is here and it is basically the hub of the island. Apart from that, there are several bodegas and small businesses such as salons and laundromats. There are also large scale supermarkets like Costco and Target in this area, so it stays quite busy.
There have only been two major crimes that I can remember in this area, and I have been living in the New Springville neighborhood of Staten Island for over 16years. You get good and bad people everywhere, but I would say this neighborhood has some of the best people, who go about their day and don't cause trouble.
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Since the mall is nearby and many shopping centers, there is a fair amiunt of jobs available