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Several great middle schools, high school, and even small universities. Tight-knit community of hard working blue collar families. With a heavy presence of first responders, medical workers and educators, the neighborhood always feels safe and promotes the importance of education. Quite a few small businesses that ensure jobs and friendly environments.
safe community, and very family oriented. very nice parks and children's activities. not many grocery stores in community, but some a short drive away.
Mt. Greenwood is a very close-knit community. Everyone knows everyone. The private schools are the most popular amongst the children, but venturing outside the neighborhood is rare for most.
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Best Overall Neighborhood in Chicago it has its own tradition in it and you feel safe enough that you can leave the doors unlocked since everyone has a firefighter/police officer on their block. Its a simple life
Mount Geenwood is a great place to live. It is very safe, and everyone around is incredibly friendly.
It is a friendly neighborhood. Very peaceful and quiet in the morning. A lot of food place on 103rd and 111th St. to stop in and get good food.
Very safe and family oriented neighborhood. Also there are a lot of police and firefighter neighbors, and that is comforting. No night life, even though it's the city. But lots of shops and restaurants to choose from.
Pro: The community is very supportive of it's neighborhood and it's members.

Con: There are few that have generations of family that have lived here that are not very welcoming to others.
Mount Greenwood is a close knit community of mostly City of Chicago employees: teachers, police, fire, public works, politicians. Mount Greenwood expects its community members to take care of themselves, their property, and their neighbors. The Catholic and Christian churches are central to building this community. Education and work ethic is a priority to this community.
The only crime present in this area are teenagers around Halloween trying to pull pranks that end badly, such as egging people's houses and cars. In the 15 years that I have lived there, there was only one instance when someone's bike on my block got stolen but was returned the next day. There's a police officer who lives on every corner and often patrolmen driving around. The only concern is that people are too trusting and tend to leave their house doors unlocked all the time except when they're not at home, even then, they sometimes leave the backdoor open all the time. Although nothing has happened, it's crazy to me how people are that trusting.
This area is definitely geared towards younger families and is also a great place to retire. Everyone is extremely nice and will go out of their way to help the community however they can. Parents don't have to fear when letting their children go outside because they know that their neighborhood is filled with policemen and firemen. I would love to live here again to raise my own family because everyone I know from there grew up with great personalities. The overall quality of this neighborhood can only increase because everyone living in it will see to that.
Not really any abandon houses
Eveyone is very friendly and generous
The police are very responsive
I would definitely live in this area again! Everyone in the community is extremely involved!
There is rarely a crime issue in Mount Greenwood. Many people respect each other and work together to protect the youth that live here.
I love where I live. It's a family friendly neighborhood and everyone knows eachother.
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Although the area is generally safe the idea that this is an area to rob from concerns me. We have nice things and that brings scum to the area to take those things.
It's great in comparison to the rest of the city. It isn't "the best" because a West Suburb would be better.
Housing stock is solid. I have noticed a lot of teardowns, where the owners demolish perfectly functional homes and build huge houses totally out of character for the block, but that's their choice. Not a lot of apartments, but not many abandoned buildings or vacancies either.